Heart of Dakota - HOD MtMM - Week 9

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Well...We have officially made it through a whole quarter of the school year. We are going to be taking a break from hitting the books next week and enjoying some time off. After 9 whole weeks, I don't regret any of our choices this year. For that I am exceptionally thankful.

This week in history we read about The Boxer Rebellion, the Russo-Japanese War, the Balkan Wars, Jonathan and Rosalind Gofoth and how Russia and Britain were both trying to gain control of Persia.

Heart of Dakota - HOD CtC - Week 9

This week we read more about the Judges of Israel. We read about Jepthah, Ruth and Naomi, Samson, Eli and his sons and the Philistines. We read about the unfortunate end to some of these people this week. Silas is sometimes astonished by the stories in the Bible even though we have read these stories many times before.

We read about how the Philistines conquered Israel.

Heart of Dakota - HOD CtC - Week 8

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Happy October! This week we learned about Joshua, Deborah and Gideon. We crossed the Jordan River as followed God's People into the promised land. I love so much that we get to study this history together. I wasn't a believer until after I graduated from high school, so reading these stories with my kids is especially sweet for me. I pray Silas grabs hold of the faith of some of these wonderful men and women we learned about in our studies this week.

Silas's history project was to make the Jordan River, the Ark of the Covenant and 12 stones. We read Joshua 3:9-17 and 4:1-18 as we acted out the story with his little Lego men. Even Aedan wanted to make sure he was there for this one. Sometimes he sees a book or an activity, and says, "Hey! I did that too!" I hope he will be reminded of these sweet memories as he sees his little brother do them too.

Heart of Dakota - HOD MtMM - Week 8

Monday, October 10, 2016

We survived the week with all the birthdays, and we fortunately had a much slower week. We have one more week of school before our first break of the year. We will take off around 4 weeks this year. The last few years we tried to be done before May 1st, but with a teenager on my hands this year I'm not as quick to be done. Our days are better with routine, and more breaks in between. One month of break before the pool even opened wasn't the brightest idea last year!

One of the things you may have noticed is how much I love cooking our way through books.

Heart of Dakota - HOD CtC - Week 7

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Welcome to week 7 in Creation to Christ! This is the first Heart of Dakota guide that I have done before. I wondered if I wouldn't be as interested the second time around, but I am enjoying it even more the second time. Learning Biblical history is the most important history we will ever have the privilege to learn. Each time we study these portions of scripture we add a new layer of understanding.

Heart of Dakota - HOD MtMM - Week 7

I'm a little behind on posts, but it is always better late than never! September was a very full month with birthdays and other events. The weather is cooling though, and I feel the slower months of autumn and winter calling my name.

This week in school we learned about Barnum & Bailey, Amanda Smith, the Great Chicago Fire, Charles Albert Tindley, and Dwight Moody.

That Week With All the Birthdays

Friday, October 7, 2016

One of the reasons I originally started this blog was so that I had a memory keeper. I had no idea anyone would actually read it. Sometimes I love to look back to see how much my boys have grown since I started this little blog 6 years ago. I just might want to post a little bit of what it was like around here during the celebrations of our lives, so please humor me (smile.) Both boys and I all share birthdays within the span of 10 days, so it's usually a birthday extravaganza for that week and a half. We tend to eat a little too much, and hopefully have as much fun. Here is a glimpse into how we celebrated this year.

We usually have a birthday party where I have fun decorating. We never invite a ton of people, but it's always more relaxing that way.

The Feast of Trumpets

Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy Feast of Trumpets! This year we decided to learn more about the Biblical feasts. It's been even more fun because several family friends are also studying the same period of history and were also interested in celebrating the feasts with us. This week was a very contemplative one for me. I really tried to take to heart all of what this feast is about. There is so much depth in it that it would take me years to understand all of its mysteries. Forgive me if I don't get all of our representations right for this feast. We are still learning (blush.) Either way, we enjoyed a beautiful day with friends and ultimately we pray God was honored in our celebration.

I set the table with apples and branches clipped from our little forest.

Heart of Dakota - HOD CtC - Week 6

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

As I said in Aedan's post, this week was very full! We celebrated 2 birthdays this week, so our days were full of other kinds of fun. This week we learned more about Egypt through the lives of Akenhaten, Tutankhamen, and Moses.

Our poem this week was "Fireflies in the Garden."

Heart of Dakota - HOD MtMM - Week 6

Hi friends! Do you ever have weeks that you wish would just slow down?  My favorite weeks are when we have very little on the schedule. This one turned into one of those get er' done kinds of school weeks. We still managed to get everything done, but I'm looking forward to the slower days of winter. What crazy person looks forward to snow days?

This week we read about progressivism, Plessy v. Ferguson, The RMS Titanic, women's suffrage, mass production and what that meant to the lives of the working poor. We finished reading Factory Girls. This was such a heart breaking book about what it was like to be a child laborer. Many people took up their cause to better conditions for workers and to abolish child labor altogether. Sadly, there are children of migrant workers who are still in the same boat.

Homeschool Necessities - Storage Clipboards

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Can I totally geek out with you for a minute? I mean, I might totally go full on office supply nerd up in here. You ok with that? Good. Sooo....I've always talked about how much we love clipboards for our little school. They are portable writing surfaces that can be taken just about anywhere. We use them for history, art, math, science, and pretty much everything you can print or rip out of a book. But, did you know there was such a thing as a storage clipboard? Apparently nurses and coaches have been clued in on this genius little invention a long time ago, but failed to share the wealth with teachers. Well, suffer no more my homeschool friends.

A friend of mine told me about these last year (Hi Micah!), but I was satisfied with our dollar store cheapies. The boys love to draw, so our school clipboards were always strewn around the house. We had plenty, so I didn't think this would be much of an improvement. However, these babies are amazing (that is if you get as excited about office supplies as I do.)

Monarch Room: Heart of Dakota - HOD CtC - Week 5

Monday, September 19, 2016

Welcome to Ancient Egypt! This week we spent a lot of time learning about this long lost culture. We also read about Joseph and the part he played in Egypt., Hatsheput, and Thutmosis. Fair warning - there are a lot of pictures.

This week our poem was "One Step Backward Taken" by Robert Frost.

Heart of Dakota - HOD MtMM - Week 5

Sunday, September 18, 2016

This week whirled on by, but we found time to finish what we set out to accomplish. We had our first week of co-op. Aedan is taking an animation class for 8 weeks. I'm so thankful for our co-op. It is a very relaxed co-op that we can choose how many classes we want to take. This fall we are just doing one which is nice for now.

This week our studies focused on the Immigration during the Gilded Age. We read about the struggles of immigrants and the working poor that was caused by industrialization. It has been heartbreaking to read about how poorly children were treated during this period in history in our country.

Heart of Dakota - HOD MtMM - Week 4

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Aloha and welcome to our week 4 update! It's so fun when our history studies bump into familiar places in our own personal history. Hawaii is near and dear to my heart as this is where I have family roots.

The first person we learned about this week was Ka'iulani who was the last princess of Hawaii. She was the last royal leader of Hawaii before it was annexed to the U.S. in 1898. My grandparents on my dad's side were both born and raised in Hawaii. My dad also spent most of his childhood and adolescence there. Much of my childhood was spent listening to Hawaiian music and enjoying my grandma's Hawaiian cooking. I looked for a picture of her to share here. She looked like a Hawaiian princess too. My dad was born in 1944 and he can remember finding Japanese airplane parts from the Pearl Harbor bombing.

Heart of Dakota - HOD CtC - Week 4

Welcome to week 4 in Creation to Christ! Our weeks have been very full, but profitable. I'm so thankful we got to truly rest this summer because this fall has been full of opportunities. It's neat being able to do a guide the second time around. I can see what's ahead and remember what I thought I might do differently the second time around. This time I wanted to have more opportunities to experience the cultures of the places and people we are studying. That has always been Silas's favorite part of school. I see a future traveler growing up and setting off to different parts of the world someday.

Silas's best friend is also doing HOD CtC, so we hope to enjoy as many activities together as we can. This week we shared efforts on our history project which was to enjoy a Hebrew meal. My friend brought half of the items which made for the best ever afternoon snack. Homeschool kids don't know how good they have it sometimes! My friend brought delicious homemade hummus to go with our veggies. We also enjoyed olives, grapes, fresh pita bread, raisins, medjool dates, baklava, tea and grape juice.

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