Sunday, September 14, 2014

Heart of Dakota - HOD RtR - Week 4 in Review

We have officially made it through a whole month of school! It is flying by! So far things are running smoothly. I feel like we've found a good routine, and we are all enjoying our studies. Of course there is grumbling every once in a whole over math. I keep praying that one day all my "You can do this!" catches up :)  This week we studied the Goths, Vandals, Attila the Hun, Theodoric, and Clovis king of the Franks.

Our history project was to pay a game called "Race to Rome." We were supposed to make game pieces out of mushed up bread and paint, and well......that just didn't happen. Fortunately my husband came and rescued the day and played this game with Aedan. I've always been verbal instruction challenged. By the end of each day my brain is sizzled. He quickly explained the game, and off they went.

It was so much better for me to let those 2 guys play together.

Look, they might have actually even had fun!

And guess who won!?

This is where I censor my son's work. There have been a lot of warnings on the readings this year. These were not tame times in history. There are a lot of axes and blood. As you can see on the bottom, something is being hurled and meeting its mark. I talked to Aedan and reminded him that we need to be more sensitive with our drawings. He of course is all boy, but he agreed.

We learned about the life of Clovis I this week who is actually a distant ancestor of mine. I had traced my lineage all the way back to 12th century Europe at one point. I am French, Irish and English on my mom's side. It was fun reading about an ancestor of mine in our history book, even if he wasn't  necessarily the nicest guy in the world. Whether his conversion was sincere or not, it was interesting to read about.

Aedan filled in facts about Attila the Hun and located areas of interest on the map.

I love that Aedan gets to read Shakespeare each week. He says someone is always in love in Shakespeare's writings. That is often true!

Our poem of the week was "A thought went up my mind today..." by Emily Dickinson Aedan is having a harder time understanding the poetry of Dickinson more than poets we've studied in year's past. I'm hoping he connects with it eventually.

We read all about Venus this week in science. We learned how Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system.

Our experiment was to learn what happens to molten rock. We placed flour on a plate, and put a ramekin on top.

We heated up butter to represent lava.

Aedan carefully poured it onto the ramekin and watched the streams of lava flow.

We may have used to much butter because the streams all collected together.

We were supposed to find out what happens to lava after it cools, and of course it turns into rock.

Aedan illustrated his experiment here. I am going to start requiring him to write more each week. He's been trying to skip out on writing, but I'm onto him!

This is one of his science notebooking pages of the week. He illustrated what the surface of Venus looks like.

He is getting better about writing more for his written narrations for science. He doesn't enjoy looking up vocabulary words, but I'm glad he's getting this practice. That's all for now. See you soon!

MFW ECC - Week 4 in Review - United States

We completed our final week on our tour of the USA. We have had so much fun touring the United States these past few weeks. All I kept thinking was, "Boy do I have a whole lot more road trips I want to take!" The USA is full of beautiful places and history to experience. While we can't always travel to all the beautiful places in the world, or experience every culture (yet anyway), it has really opened up our minds and hearts to the world. We haven't even scratched the surface yet of this great big world. We haven't even left the U.S. yet on our travels! I already have a terrible wander lust. This might just fuel it a little more. So fun learning along side my little guy!

We had our first official co-op day. I so enjoyed having Silas and his little best friend along with so many other beautiful and inquisitive students. It's so fun teaching 1-3rd graders things that to us may seem simple. It was fun hearing the giggles as I showed the kids how I looked behind the lens of a magnifying glass. I can't wait until we get to learn something new next week as well. It's been hard giving up our 5th day, but driving away the boys declared that they couldn't wait to go back. That makes it all worth it!

In science for the past few weeks we have learned about forest biomes. We learned about coniferous and deciduous forests. We made a fall tree in honor of the coming autumn and of our study of trees this week.

I found this simple little project on pinterest. You take a toilet paper roll, and fold it so there is a leaf shape.

It makes a perfect leaf stamp!

Silas had fun stamping all the pretty fall colors over his tree trunk.

He then painted the inside of the leaves with a brush. We live right next to a beautiful deciduous forest. I can't wait until the leaves turn all the shades of autumn!

We use our Trees of Missouri Field Guide to fill out our Properties of Ecosystems science sheet.

In geography Silas had to color all the states only using 4 colors without allowing any of the same colors to touch. He got tripped up in Oregon and Washington, but otherwise did a great job!

We will fill out a flag sheet for every country we visit. This week Silas completed his U.S.A flag sheet and entered in facts we found in one of our books.

Each week we have 2 geography words. Silas has fun illustrating these pages each Monday and Tuesday.

He always adds his own little touches.

This year we will be reading through the book of Matthew. This week our verse was the most important birth announcement ever made.

Silas and I are really enjoying reading from Hero Tales. This week we read about the brave Harriot Tubman, and her contribution to the end of slavery. We read about how she was compassionate for standing between a slave master and a runaway slave, even enduring a terrible injury to do so.

We read about how she was joyful. Silas's silly illustration is him being so joyful when our monarch caterpillar emerged from his chrysalis. I will be writing about that sometime this week. Best science experiment ever!

We read about how Harriet persevered even when traveling along the underground railroad was terribly hard and dangerous. I look forward to reading more stories about these heroes of the faith!

We'll see you next week! Next stop: Mexico!

Friday, September 5, 2014

MFW ECC - Week 3 in Review - United States

Welcome to our MFW ECC United States edition! This week we traveled the good ol' US of A. I've so enjoyed our studies, and seeing Silas really get into the things we've been learning. I so look forward to opening his eyes to the whole world of not only God's creation, but also of his many different people and cultures.

Our art project was to make a sand painting in honor of the U.S.'s Native Americans.

First Silas sketched his design. The directions call for using sand (hard to find without stealing it from the park if you live in the midwest FYI.)

Instead of being a sand thief, I found this great already colored sand at Hobby Lobby. I used a coupon. Totally worth the money! Silas was so excited to have this sand to use for future projects. My art supply hoard is growing!

For each new country we study there will be a John 3:16 sheet to color. Silas has never loved to color, but I asked him to do his best work anyway. I think he did a nice job :)

We labeled our North America map.

We will be reading through the book of Matthew this year, so we made a Matthew bookmark that is written in Greek.

We started our readings in Hero Tales. The first person we studied was Dwight Moody. We will study the character traits of each Hero. We learned Moody was bold in sharing the gospel.

We learned how he had to pray for God's strength to continue to preach the gospel even though his health was failing. I love the pictures. So adorable seeing these through a kid's eyes :)

We learned about how Moody repented for desiring to make money above other things. He chose instead that sharing the gospel was the most valuable thing.

For nature study we took a walk and talked about tree parts.

Silas labeled his illustration.

In science we have been reading about the different kinds of forests. Silas labeled where evergreen, deciduous and mountain forests are in the world.

Each week there are 2 geography vocabulary words. We do one each day, so Silas has less to draw and write.

I thought his little isthmus picture was pretty cute!

We had a great first day of co-op and a fun trip to the apple farm! Silas was so kind. I'm teaching his science class of 1-3rd graders. He said one of his favorite parts was that I was his teacher. He melts this mama's heart :) See you soon!

Heart of Dakota - HOD RtR - Week 3 in Review

Welcome to week 3 in RtR! I can't believe we've already made it through 3 weeks of school. I tend to over-think things a little (though you've probably noticed that already.) I am always worried when we start a new year, and have been working in my mind on how the pieces will all fit together. I don't know why I worry so much. I used to worry that middle school would be waaaay too hard for me to teach, but I'm finding the opposite. It actually gets easier. Well, let me qualify. The teaching gets easier. The parental wisdom I need increases with each year to say the very least. Anyway, I'm happy with how the school part is going. I realize more with each year that I'm alive on God's green earth, that I have a whole LOT to learn about pretty much everything. Without His help I'd be a great big ol' mess for sure! I'm thankful for His mercies being new every morning :)

This week learned about the lives of John Chrysostom, Emperor Valens, Jerome, Emperor Theodosius, and Alaric the Visgoth. There was no art project other than making an New Testament parchment.

We crumbled up a piece of paper and dipped it in coffee to make it look old. Then Aedan wrote Matthew 16:26 in Greek and English.

Aedan researched Constantinople, and completed his timeline entries. He usually comes up with his own ideas for what to draw.

Aedan's written narration this week was about Alaric the Visigoth.

He recorded info he read about Emperor Theodosius.

Aedan studied Mercury this week. I'm feeling like the science is lacking, so I've added in additional reading from books I've found on my own shelves and from the library. Our experiment this week was to learn how craters formed on the surface of Mercury.

We found rocks of different sizes.

Aedan dropped each one in, and we carefully removed each one to see the crater left behind.

This was our final crater surface after dropping different sized rocks from varying heights.

This is Aedan's lab sheet for the above activity.

Day 1 science notebooking page.

Aedan is getting better at writing longer narrations. I'm hoping this will continue to improve.
We had our first day of co-op. The kids had a great time! After we went to one of our favorite farms to pick apples and see the animals.

See you next week!