Heart of Dakota BHFHG - Week 7 in Review

Monday, October 15, 2012

Here's a look at week 7 here at the Monarch Room. We had a great week! We're still getting used to living together with family. So far it has worked beautifully. It's fun to get the cousins involved in a few of our projects and activities. This week we learned about John Winthrop, and his faith that God would provide food for the settlers in Boston. They were desperate for food and decided to fast, and pray that God would provide. On the day of the fast the supply ship came, so they had a Thanksgiving instead. We also learned about Thomas Smith, and how he found that rice would grow well in the wet soil of South Carolina.

This week's art assignment was to make a wigwam out of clay. I only had "real" clay, so it was a little difficult for the Silas's little hands. They all worked very diligently to make their clay pliable. I though they all did such a nice job.

Our character trait was industriousness which tied in beautifully with how a woman named Eliza Lucas discovered how to extract indigo dye for coloring clothing.

Our science notebooking assignment was to label the parts of the flower.

 These are our vocabulary and timeline entries for the week.

 In HOD science we learned about how fossils were formed.

 On the left is Aedan's science experiment form about fossils. It's always fun to see their little interpretations. Our poem this week was called Thanksgiving. It was a great poem to read to help us understand why John Winthrop and the settlers would have been so thankful for the food with which they were provided.

Elemental Science at the Monarch Room

Silas leaned about the ocean and currents in ES Earth/Space. We learned about how the temperature of the water affects currents.

Our first experiment was to add cold water to hot water.

Next we added hot water to cold water. We learned that the hot water rose too the top of the cold.

Cold water sank to the bottom when added to hot water.

In ES Physics we learned the 2nd law of motion.

This week we built another K'nex project. We chose to build the crank fan this time. I'm amazed at how quickly the kids put these together when they put their minds together.

Out and About

 This was a full week for field trips. Our homeschool co-op took a trip to a local apple orchard.

  We learned about bees, and how they help pollinate the apple blossoms. Incidentally, the teacher told us that our group was the best behaved group all year. You gotta love that :) Go homeschoolers!

 Next we took a hayride. The kiddos loved this.

I'm really enjoying having my nieces and nephew in town. God didn't give me daughters, but he gave me little girls to enjoy.

 I was surprised, but there were still plenty of apples to pick this late in the season.

The kids also got to pet kittens, ponies, and chickens.

Late in the week, we took an impromptu trip to the museum. Kansas City has a great art culture for a Midwest town. There's always so many galleries and museums to visit.

That covers it! How was your week?

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