Heart of Dakota BHFHG - Week 8 in Review

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I am super late in getting this review up. We've been having tons of fun with family. I've had very little time to work on our little blog. We're still having fun in HOD. This week we learned about King Phillip and Captain Church. It was sad period in history.

This week's art project was to make wampum belts. First we drew our designs on the paper, and then we sprinkled our colored rice over the design. We covered the rest of the paper in glue, and sprinkled white rice over the rest to make a nice contrasting design. It's fun seeing how the girls add their own flair to the directions.

We learned that King Philip wore an elaborate wampum belt. Wampum are tiny bits of polished shell that were turned into beads. The Native Americans used wampum as money, as did the settlers.

Our HOD science notebooking assignment was to diagram the planets in the order in which they orbit around the sun. We ran out of room, but the boys still did a nice job.

 This week's vocabulary words were wampum, plunder and sachem. Sometimes I even learn a new word :) I'm not sure if I knew what sachem meant before this week.

 Our timelines are filling up :) It's fun to see what we have studied. I can't wait to get to a permanent place to get our timeline back up on the wall.

Elemental Science at The Monarch Room

This week Aedan worked on the 3rd law of motion. It's been fun to flesh out Newton's laws after studying about him over the last few weeks. Silas learned continued to learn about the different biomes. He didn't have any experiments this week. He instead made biome posters. Both boys really love the Usborne books, and following the internet links for the pages they read.

 This unfortunately was a failed experiment. Our balloon didn't have enough air in it to get to where it was going. They got the idea, but I wish it had worked. It was supposed to be an example of every action having an equal opposite reaction. Ahh well :)

 We made another K'nex  project. This time it was the car window. Aedan is getting pretty lucky by having his cousins around. They are a huge help in building these each week.

 The kids have been enjoying their time with their cousins. They created their own club. This is the initiation of the Burnt Marshmallow Club. In order to become a member, one must eat a burned marshmallow. They really did it. We only have 2 weeks left here, but I think these are memories that will last them a lifetime. So precious.

Well this review was short and sweet. Once I get settled I do plan to write more specifically about math and other things. I've been working on some printables to sell and some to give away. More on that soon :)

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