Heart of Dakota BHFHG - Week 10 in Review

Friday, November 2, 2012

Well, here we are in our first week of the 2nd quarter. This week we continued our study of Benjamin Franklin. If my kids don't know anything about him now, we're in trouble. This week we learned about Benjamin Franklin's later years. My boys were captivated by Franklin's creativity. We are a family of entrepreneurs, and "can-do" types. It's fun to learn about someone as inventive as Franklin. We learned about his inventions, experiments, and the important role he had in America gaining its freedom from England.

Franklin was famous for a lot of things, but mostly for his kite experiment. This week's art project was to paint a kite by mixing colors to make colors of the rainbow.

 Another project was for the boys to come up with their own inventions. Aedan came up with the iPhood. It's a helmet that you wear. All you have to do is type in the food you want, and out it comes. Aedan is always hungry, so this would save a lot of time for me :) Silas invented the "Health Pop." We talk a lot about healthy choices here. It's no wonder that he would come up with a candy that "even grownups love!"

 Franklin was known also for his sayings that he wrote under his pseudonym Poor Richard. As we read them, I was impressed with how much wisdom those little sayings had.

Our geography activity this week was to look at things from a map maker's perspective.

The boys drew the items we set out from eye level, and from a bird's eye view (as maps are made.)

 Our poem this week was "Philosophy." This was such a great one to teach that there is always a positive way to look at things. Aedan really took his time with this one. I was rushing him until I realized how detailed, and darling his drawings were.

 Our vocabulary words were sloop, squall, and shock. Their little drawings never fail to tickle me each week :)

For HOD science we began our reading in John Audubon: Young Naturalist. Audubon was of course famous for his amazing drawings and paintings of birds. The boys learned about the 5 different flight patterns of birds. Here they are soaring.

 The five patterns of flight are gliding, flapping, fluttering, hovering, and soaring.

We learned that storks stand on one leg to conserve body heat.

Science at The Monarch Room

 This week Silas learned about igneous rocks and how they are formed.

I bought these rock kits before school started. I thought it would be better to see the rocks in person, than in a book.

Here is Silas examining one of his igneous rocks. 

Out and About

I told the kids that we would celebrate each quarter's end with a special field trip. Kansas City just opened its own Legoland this summer. We hadn't been yet, so this was a great opportunity. It's fun seeing things through a kid's eyes. Aedan and Silas were sooo thrilled to be there. I think Aedan hugged me at least a hundred times. Both were so thankful to go, and even more so to share it with their cousins.

Legoland has a full city replica made of legos. This was Aedan's favorite part. He couldn't believe it was all made from Legos.

One of the rooms at Legoland had huge tubs of orange Legos for building a Lego pumpkin. Our kids decided to do their own project, and see if they could make a Lego tower long enough to reach to the end of the room. It measured exactly as long as our five kids.

This week was of course Halloween. Each kiddo gutted, and designed their own pumpkin. I forgot to take a picture of the finished pumpkins. They all did such a nice job.

This year the kids all wanted to make homemade costumes. Starting from the left: Ruth was a microwave. Aedan was a healthy boy. When people asked him what he was, he said, "I eat 3 square meals a day." Luke was a birdie. Silas was Mario, and Claire was a ceiling fan. They wouldn't have it when I said I'd buy a costume. They were all so excited to see what they could come up with out of all those boxes we had in the garage. Off we went with this creative crew to get gobs of candy. It was such a fun night. These kids will have so many memories of this time. 

Well, that's all for now folks :)
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