I Need a Little Help

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last year I worked through Writing With Ease level 1 with Silas. It was the first time he had ever been asked to narrate anything back to me that I had read to him. There were a few tears of frustration because he often felt terrible that he couldn't remember more. Heart of Dakota BHFHG has great Storytime lessons written into each day's plan. One of the first suggestions made was to write "I need a little help" on an index card. You were told to give the card to your student, and they could hand it to you if they needed some help with their narrations. I had completely forgotten about it until the other day. We hit some story in A First Book of American History that had him stumped. I thought.... Why didn't I make that card way back when it was suggested? This is Aedan's "I'm too cool to ask for help" look, or maybe it's his Daniel Craig impression. Mostly he looks like he needs a little haircut :)

The kids have loved having these, especially Silas. I wouldn't have thought something so simple would have made such a difference. Silas will often run downstairs to get his little card. He uses it for about everything. It helps them not to interrupt with their voices, and has been a great help.

 The other day I had a friend over for coffee. Silas didn't want to interrupt, so he brought me his "I need a little help" card. It was pretty cute. He thought that I should make an "Excuse me" card as well. OH.MY.GOODNESS! Why haven't I thought of this before!? My kids have always had a hard time remembering that if I'm on the phone that it is inconsiderate to interrupt. Both of the kids have been using this one if they have something to say if I'm on the phone. Hello, life. You have greatly improved :)

Anyway, I know these are nothing special, but maybe you could get some use out of them too? Click HERE to find the file. Oh, and sorry for all the ink. I have a major love of color and laminating paper. Have you noticed?


  1. This is AWESOME! But yeah, that's a lot of color. I think I will have to do my own in b/w and let them color :)

  2. I can't wait to see what you come up with for Preparing! No pressure ;)

  3. I have been so blessed by your blog. I will be doing Bigger next year and feel so prepared from your insight and help in organizing. Do you have your daily schedule by chance? Would love to know what your day looked like with Bigger and how long it took you each day. Thanks again for everything!

  4. You are so welcome :) I'm so glad you have been so blessed! I didn't have a schedule per se. I did have an order of the day. I need to write a post about that!

    I do have a real schedule for next year that I wrote by week and day because next year the boys will be separated into their own guides. I've been planning until my eyes bled, so I can get to the pool and enjoy my break :)

  5. I'm going to post a picture of my weekly schedule right now. Hope it helps.


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