Heart of Dakota - BHFHG - Week 20 in Review

Friday, February 1, 2013

This was a great week! I feel like we learned so much, myself included. I am loving Heart of Dakota more and more each week. We learned about the lives of William Henry Harrison and Tecumseh. This week has bittersweet. I always feel so sad when I learn of the bravery of the Native Americans, and their stand against the settlers. Tecumseh was very brave, and showed compassion at times when most men wouldn't. He wouldn't stand for showing cruelty even to his enemies, and believed that men should fight with honor. He was also a very intelligent leader, and found a way to unite different tribes under one cause. We learned also about the war of 1812, and Captain Lawrence's famous words, "Don't give up the ship!"

Our art project this week was to write a portion of the Star Spangled Banner, and to paint "bombs bursting in air."

The kids had a lot of fun with this project. Their mom, however, though it was a little gross how much spit also got on the page ha!

They copied words from an extra verse from the Star Spangled Banner.

This week had me thinking about patriotism in America today. I wonder if any of us really know what it feels like to have true patriotism. Lately it feels like apathy and cynicism about our country are more common. I felt a tinge of longing for a  country and a people that could be united as the were so long ago.

 Our new hymn is Eternal Father, Strong to Save. Wow! It really is so beautiful. I didn't know it was our Navy hymn. What a beautiful prayer for those who serve our country! We listened to it each day sung by a different choir. We found a few versions on YouTube that were really beautiful.

 Our history notebooking page was to write the Pledge of Allegiance. I used to have Silas say it each day last year. I think I'm going to bring it back. This was a great opportunity to talk about why it is important that we pray for the leaders of our country.

Our history activity was to mark a grid on the floor, and write out coordinates. Tecumseh and William Henry Harrison met in a grove of trees because Tecumseh refused to meet where Harrison wanted. I've read a few criticisms of HOD's activities, and how they can be silly. To be honest, they are what the kids love the most. Maybe my kids are just different than others, but if making a masking tape grid helps them to remember what we read about, I'm all for it! Btw, this was supposed to be a 5X5 grid. Mine was a 4X5. Woops. Oh and also, don't by dollar store masking tape. You get what you pay for!

 This was another one of our simple history activities. We played the card game "War." One chose to be the Indians, and the other chose to be the settlers. They both placed one of their cards down. Whoever had the highest card won both. They kids loved this simple game, and played after school as well.

 We learned about how pioneers built fences.We just used popsicle sticks.

 We learned how pioneers measured without measuring tools. Our desk was five hands high.

We studied the character trait loyalty. This was a great trait to learn about since we were learning so much about patriotism.

We're slowly plugging through our state study. We're a little behind, so I'm trying to get us caught up. So far the kids have learned about all of the above. We use the GeoCards to review the capitals each day.

 This week we mapped Maryland and Delaware.

This week Aedan learned that he actually likes grammar. I thought Rod and Staff would bore him to tears. This week as he was diagramming he said, "I feel strangely in a really good mood because of grammar." Who would have thought?! 

This week was experiment free in Elemental Science. All of our experiments required the sun, and it wasn't out alll week! I finally caught Aedan up. Silas is really enjoying his study of the solar system. Well that about wraps it up! How was your school week?


  1. Grammar leaves me strangely happy too! :) Great week! Enjoyed the pictures and all those activities!

  2. Thank you for sharing your photos and activities we are on week 18 and appreciate the insight and ideas.


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