Box Day!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Ok, seriously. Who doesn't love box day? I placed my order last week, and waited (impatiently) for my box to arrive. I had already bought a few things last year, but still had much to get for this year. We will definitely be going with Heart of Dakota (HOD) again next year. I'm still ironing out whether I'll keep my boy combined or not. I'm certain that either way, one of them will go through Preparing Hearts for His Glory (PHFHG) this fall. Last year I pieced together things here and there, but I just wanted to get it over with (and of course it's more fun that way!) My box was delayed because of a blizzard, so that was a bummer. Eventually it got here. I was so excited! I love how HOD always ships so quickly. A few of our items were back-ordered, but they already shipped the remaining items. We still have math and a few other things to buy at convention, but we're mostly done with our purchases.

I like to get the bulk of my planning done in the winter and spring for the coming year. We are cooped up anyway, so we might as well get the planning accomplished. We love spending time outdoors in the spring and summer. I'd hate to waste a drop of sunshine :) I'll write more about what our plan is in the coming months. This is just a glimpse into the awesome books we get to read next year.

A friend of mine was here when I got my box. As I opened it and emptied it of all these wonderful books, she said, " I get it!" She said it looked like so much fun and understood more why I get so excited talking about our little homeschool. She's considering homeschooling her little one when that time comes. It's so fun sharing with others why homeschool is such a wonderful privilege and opportunity.

It's always so hard to tell my boys that they have to wait to read their books. Aedan has an especially hard time with it. He wants to read everything already. I do let them look through them, but it will be fun when we get a chance to learn together.

This is HOD's PHFHG Economy Package. It includes our main history spines for next year.

This is PHFHG's Science Add-On. We'll still add on to science next year like we did this year. I've read a lot of people say that they don't like One Small Square books. My boys love them :)

PHFHG Basic Package. It includes readers that will enhance our history study.

PHFHG Self Study Deluxe History Package. Preparing is the first year in HOD where independence is really encouraged. The boys will work through these books on their own. I'm sure Silas will still  need a little help, but Aedan is capable enough to do this work on his own.

Aedan will be reading through the PHFHG Extension Package. These readers add content for older children who are combined with their siblings.

This year we will be memorizing portions of scripture out of Psalms. This CD will aid in learning our memory verses.

Silas will read through Drawn into the Heart of Reading's (DITHOR) Level 3 Book Pack. Part of me wants to pick my own books, but I like working through the genres as HOD suggests. I learned a lot about my boys' preferences in books. Sometimes it's nice to learn how to read books you  might not normally choose yourself.

Aedan will read through Drawn into the Heart of Reading's (DITHOR) Level 5/6 Book Pack. I tweaked this one a little, and am still not sure what I'll substitute out for Aedan.

I went ahead and purchased HOD Creation to Christ's (CtC) Economy Package. I am toying with the idea of separating the kids this year. I really just wanted to see the guide, but ultimately it was cheaper to go ahead and buy it together than to piece it together. Buying it as a package meant basically getting the student pages and one other book for free. I did buy the Family Bible new on Ebay for half price :) I most likely am leaning towards Preparing for both, and then will move Aedan forward into CtC next year. Silas will take one or 2 years off of HOD before getting to CtC. I think I may plan a few years for him with Simply Charotte Mason. But as always, I'm getting way too ahead of myself. I am so looking forward to next year :)


  1. So excited for you and I can't wait to hear what you think of CtC and what you decide to do with seperating and when. Sorry for the runon, typing with baby. :) What do you think of book projects? I have been thinking of getting it.

  2. Can I say that I really love seeing your posts/HOD organization/Bigger ideas?! We're planning to do Bigger next year, and seeing your blog makes me excited for it! So, thank you for taking the extra time to put these together. Love the box day pictures, as well. Please let us know, if you plan to sell your Bigger set - I am on the lookout!

  3. Micah, I just wrote about the Book Projects book in a post about DITHOR here :

    Lipe Family,

    You are so welcome. I'm so glad you're excited for Bigger :) It has been a great year for us. HOD has definitely convinced my first time HS'd oldest kiddo that he doesn't want to return to PS anytime soon. Someone has already committed to buying my Bigger set. If it falls through I'll post that it's up for grabs again. Thanks for visiting :)


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