Heart of Dakota BHFHG - Week 24 in Review

Friday, March 1, 2013

We completed unit 24 in HOD Bigger Hearts this week. We read about the lives of Samuel Morse and Charles Goodyear. It was interesting to learn about these inventors. We take for granted so many things that men and women of the past sacrificed much to invent.

Our art project was to paint a portrait of ourselves. My boys are making the face they painted in their portraits. Samuel Morse had many different professions before he successfully invented the telegraph. He painted portraits of people to make money for a time. I painted one too. My kids said it looked like I was having an allergic reaction (I used printer paper with watercolor, and the paper bubbled up :)

We also read about Daniel Webster, and his willingness to share with people who needed help. He once saw a poor woman steal a piece of wood from his walkway. He followed her to see where she lived. When she woke up she found someone had delivered firewood to her doorstep. Our history activity was to pretend we were the widow. I called out coordinates, and the boys were supposed to end up in the same spot in the end. I used this grid instead of using masking tape like the instructions said.

We learned about how the telegraph was invented, and how Samuel Morse sought the help and support of others.

We watched this short clip on YouTube about Morse and the Telegraph.

We also learned about Charles Goodyear this week. I never thought much about the the rubber soles on my shoes until this week. We searched the house for things made of of rubber. Goodyear was very persistent in developing a rubber formula that wouldn't melt in the summer or freeze stiff in the winter.

We memorized Proverbs 11:24.

Our vocabulary words for this week.

In HOD science we learned about how peddlers used folded canvas as a drinking vessel rather than carrying around a heavy drinking jug.

We folded a piece of paper to see if it would hold water. 

It did! The kids thought this was cool, and when they had a friend over the next day they showed her how to do it. I love when I see our activities bleeding into the rest of the week.

Science experiment page showing the folded cup.

We learned that pioneers had used many ways to tell the time before they had clocks. It's been dreary here, so we couldn't do the science experiment at the end of the week. We were supposed to measure our shadow throughout the day.

We continue to map our states. I hope we get through them all by the end of the year. We're still catching up on this!

Elemental Science at the Monarch Room

Silas continued his study through the solar system. We learned about Mars this week, and added to our wall solar system map. This map is supposed to be to scale. The sun is the only thing that isn't right :)

Aedan is in his final week of the sound unit. We added varied amounts of water to experiment on how to make higher and lower sounds.
This experiment demonstrated resonance.

Before our Midwest Snowmageddon round 2 (and Silas making his Chuckie face.)

 And after.....Fortunately my boys love the snow. I've been enjoying all this slowing down, but I am getting ready for spring. I think I've had enough of this frozen tundra. It is so pretty though. You have to admit that :) 24 weeks down, and 10 weeks to go!

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