Heart of Dakota BHFHG -Week 28 in Review

Monday, April 8, 2013

We're nearing the final bend here at Monarch Room. This week we began our study of the Wright Brothers. I love how HOD uses biographies to help us understand the figures we have studied in history and science. Many of the books give us a glimpse into the childhoods of these great men and women. We loved learning about Orville, Will and his sister Sterchens. I didn't get many pictures of our notebooking pages. It was just too pretty outside to be on the computer this week.

Things are going really well in math, grammar and reading. We finished our Non-Fiction genre in DITHOR. This week I went to our local homeschool convention. My head is kind of spinning because I am going to bump Aedan up to HOD Creation to Christ, but still haven't decided what to do for Silas. One of my options is to do a schedule based on Simply Charlotte Mason, and to add in as many HOD elements that I can muster up on my own. I thought of possibly doing My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures, but then ruled that out because of cost. MFW is not costly, but I unfortunately bought all of HOD Preparing thinking that I was going to do that with both boys. Another option I'm kicking around is stepping him back into HOD Beyond just because it would be the most affordable option. I would keep him at level in all other things, but use Beyond as mainly History, Bible, Geography and Poetry. I'm not sure I want to do American History again, but one of his best buddies is going to be doing it. Any advice or opinions are welcome :)

Our art activity this week was to create a gift card. Orville saved up money to give his sister a very special gift for Christmas. The boys' grandparents took them to their farm to spend a night and day with them. The boys made their cards for their grandparents to show their appreciation for the fun they had.

This is the new book we're reading to learn more about the Wrights. We're really enjoying learning about how the Wright Brothers were making things even when they were the same age as my boys. I love seeing my kids create things. I can see the sparks of creativity flying in my boys when we learn how even the most distinguished of inventors began just as they did.

 We continue our readings in A Pioneer Sampler.This week we learned about the many uses of corn. Our science activity was to fill a plastic bag to represent a corn kernel.

 Then we learned why a kernel pops!

We popped our own popcorn for good measure, and had a nice little snack for storytime :)

 We also learned how pioneers made soap. The activity called for laundry flakes. I thought I'd try to see what would happened if we used liquid soap. I actually ventured into soap making a few years ago. I used lye and everything. I decided that I didn't like the clean-up, but I did have plenty of handmade gifts to give away for Christmas.

 We were supposed to hot salt water and hot soapy water. The soap was supposed to separate into "neat" soap and the bottom was supposed to remain liquid.

Ummmm....FAIL. Ha ha! Aw well. I didn't want to buy extra soap, but the kids sort of got the idea anyway.

 Science was pretty lame this week. Our physics experiment didn't work, and I we didn't end up doing Silas's experiment because the boys took a day off of school. Buuut....We did get outside! We went with friends for a nature walk at a nature sanctuary we hadn't been to yet.

We live in Missouri, so this year the winter was long. We were all so happy to get some fresh air in our lungs, and discover any signs of spring.

We happened upon a root cellar. This was kind of cool to see because we had read about root cellars in A Pioneer Sampler.

We found some running water, and peaked to see if we saw fish or any other creatures.

We found this great big old tree, and hanging vines.

Ok, seriously have you ever seen a better hill?! The boys charged up to the top as soon as they saw it.

And of course came barreling down!

That was our week! I have a few more posts to come about our latest DITHOR genre, and a great field trip we took last week. See you soon :)

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