Heart of Dakota BHFHG -Week 29 in Review

Monday, April 15, 2013

Here's a little peek into HOD Bigger Unit 29. We continue our study of the Wright Brothers for a few more weeks to come. We are really enjoying The Wright Brothers and Their Sister. It is such a beautiful story of how siblings can really get along and spur one another on to greatness. I'm sure they didn't always get along, but it's nice to show my boys that it is possible for brothers to be great friends. My boys are already really close, but they still bicker like many siblings. I've seen them grow closer though because of our year together in homeschool. They have so many shared experiences to draw from now. Again, I failed to get our notebooking assignments photographed. I really need to take more pictures of the boring stuff we do :)

Our art activity was to make a texture quilt. The idea was to find as many textures we could use to rub onto our quilt.

The kids sprung into action on this one searching the house for interesting textures for their quilt.

Our geography lesson taught us about the polar regions of the earth.

We learned about icebergs and how we only see 10 percent of an iceberg on the surface of the water.

I've seen many the iceberg principal illustrated many times. It was fun to see it actually be true with this little experiment.

We asked the question: "Why didn't the Titanic just sail around the iceberg?"

We read in The Pioneer Sampler about how pioneers entertained themselves during the night with shadow stories.

We read about the difference between translucent and opaque objects. We learned that opaque objects don't let any light through, but translucent objects do.

Our history activity was to learn about how air moves an object.

We learned how air can lift an object. Can you see our little flying cotton ball? :)

Silas has been into putting our GeoPuzzles together these days. I love when I find my kids spontaneously learning!

Elemental Science at The Monarch Room

We completed our sky map! We added Pluto even if it is only a dwarf planet. I wish we had an enormous piece of paper to make the sun to scale.

We learned how a planet's distance from the sun affects the amount of time it takes to complete its orbit.

Aedan's experiment was complicated this week, so we failed to complete it. It was one of the few times I scrapped an ES experiment because I didn't have what I needed. Ah well. I'll see you next week!


  1. Looks like a fun week! Can't wait to get there. I especially like the picture of Silas making his "quilt" and how you can see Aedan in search of the next texture. :) Fun!

  2. Thank you! These little art projects are fun. Aedan is really going to enjoy the painting in CtC :) They are quite a step up, but I think they will be more on his level. I have to say though that no matter how simple the project, he does it without any complaints that it's too young. I love that he still has a little bit of his innocence.


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