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Monday, April 8, 2013

We finished our Drawn into the Heart of Reading genre in Non-fiction on Friday. We are enjoying using DITHOR more intentionally than we did at the beginning of the year. Both boys really enjoyed their book selections.

Aedan's book was Dragons of the Deep, and Silas's was One Small Square Backyard.

 My kids love the One Small Square books. I had read that some folks didn't like them for science, but my kids think they're awesome :) It was fun for Silas to read his on his own. He wants to make an actual square in our yard to study on his own.

 This book was right up Aedan's alley. He has always been a non-fiction guy. Silas couldn't bear even looking at the pictures in this book because he thought it was scary.

DITHOR has 3 weeks of reading plans, and then the 4th week is for completing a book project. Here the kids are had at work on their project.

Silas's book project book asked him to find something interesting that he had read to make an accordion book about. He thought the picture of pollen was interesting, so that is the topic he chose.

Serendipitously we had an Easter Lily sitting on our dining room table. This was the perfect flower to show the parts of a flower and of course the pollen.

Silas learned about how flowers are pollinated by bees, and thought it was awesome that he could pollinate the flower himself. He was a little bee, and pollinated all of my flowers lol :)

Here is the cover of his book.

Each panel had an interesting fact about pollen.

Silas thought the most interesting thing was that he could pollinate a flower just like a little bee.

Aedan's book project book directed him to make a flip book about the interesting facts he learned in his book. This is the kind of thing my little artist does with his free time, so he was thrilled to do it.

Each page has the starting of a sentence that he had to complete and add a picture to illustrate it.

Aedan loved learning about all these awesomely BIG creatures!

 I always love seeing his interpretations of what he has learned.

 The kids had 5 days to complete their projects. Silas took 1 day to complete his, and Aedan took several days. His book project book is a level higher than Silas's and requires more detail and work per project. I hope this helps you "see" more of what the projects are like in DITHOR :)


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