Heart of Dakota - BHFHG Week 32 in Review

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This is the part of the year that I turn into a really mean mom...well not really. I am attempting, however, to squish the final 3 weeks of school into 2 weeks. We are planning a trip to Colorado in 2 1/2 weeks, and I'd really (really) love to be done with school before we leave. We completed HOD Bigger Unit 32 in 3 days. I didn't tell the boys that we were doubling up. They didn't seem to notice fortunately :) We are getting close to finishing R&S English and spelling for both boys. We're also nearing a strong finish in math.

This was our final unit with the Wright brothers. We learned last week how no one in the world didn't believe they had actually flown. This week we read how the brothers' work was finally received, and this time by kings from many countries. Our character trait was patience. The Wright brother's patience finally paid off when they were allowed to demonstrate their airplane for the King of France.

Our art project this week was to make the King Richard I coat of arms. This was to help us remember that the Wright brothers were treated like royalty when they went to Europe.

The art project directed us to draw and cut out three lions like the coat of arms above. We chose to just do one.

We learned about the four forces that keep an airplane in the air: Lift, drag, thrust and gravity. This activity demonstrated lift.

The boys rubbed their hands together to demonstrate drag and friction.

 The activity on the left demonstrated gravity. Both toys fell to the ground at the same time. On the right we demonstrated thrust by propelling the toy car forward.

 There are tons of videos of the Wright Brothers in flight on YouTube.

 These videos help the boys to realize that these events really happens in the lives of the people we are studying.

We read a story about Thomas Edison riding a steam engine. We learned how matter can be a liquid, gas or a solid. We demonstrated that gas particles are very far apart. The particles in cold water move more slowly than in hot water.

We put food coloring in cold water, and in hot water. The food coloring moved more quickly in the hot water.

 The boys always have so much fun with these little experiments.

We read about Thomas Edison's first day at school. A metal stove warmed his school room. We learned that stoves were often made of metal because metal is a better heat conductor. The metal spoon in the hot water was warm to the touch, and the wood spoon was room temperature under the same circumstances.

Elemental Science at The Monarch Room

We made different variations of our potato clock from last week. We tried it with pretty much every fruit we could find. Lemons worked the best, and gave the strongest signal.

 Tomatoes and apples worked beautifully as well.

We were starting to believe anything would work until the grapes failed us. We laughed and laughed at our attempt to draw electricity from these two puny grapes :)

We continued our constellation study in ES Earth/Space. We shone light through each slide to see what each constellation looked like in the night sky.

We read about satellites, telescopes and space probes. We did an experiment to show how a telescope gathers light.

The best telescopes are able to gather large amounts of light, so that we can see even the most dim of stars. That wraps it up. We'll see if I can keep up this schedule, and finish the year on time :)


  1. I LOVE seeing the smiles on your boys' faces! You can see the "LOVE OF LEARNING" shining through in each activity :)

    You are so close to the finish line!!! Woo Hoo!

    Have fun planning for your trip :)

    ~Whispered Abundance

    P.S...Do you have a blog button? I'd love to feature you in my sidebar.

  2. They are great boys, and love to have fun :) I love that they love learning. It's one of my favorite things about them. I plan to work on the blog over the summer, and make a button. It is a little minimalistic at the moment. My plan had been to spruce it up, but that hasn't happened yet. Oh, for the lazy days of summer.


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