Heart of Dakota BHFHG - Week 33 in Review

Monday, May 6, 2013

We completed HOD unit 33 in 3 days. We've headed into our final stretch. It was another great unit. This week we learned about how the Panama Canal was built. We had already learned a little about it when we read By the Great Horn Spoon! We also learned a little about Louis Armstrong. 

We're hoping to get Aedan's Elemental Science finished by next week. We've been slacking on getting his experiments done for the past week, but fortunately HOD has had a lot of fun science activities to fill that void. I love being able to add in extra science, but know if I don't HOD will always have something fun to offer each week. We still read all of his science readings.

Our art activity directed us to make a license plate of our own state. Missouri had several different plates to choose from, so the boys each chose a different one.

Our history notebooking page had to do with our readings about the Panama Canal.

It was fun learning about Louis Armstrong. I love this video. This man had such a great smile, and I believe that he really thought that this world was wonderful. He came from such a difficult beginning. I always admire those that still believe there is good in the world when life hasn't always handed everything to them.

The boys reminded me that we had a Louis Armstrong book on our shelf. This is a fun book about a little girl who dreams that she and Louis Armstrong get to sing a scat song about bubble gum together.

The boys wanted to hear Louis Armstrong sing scat for themselves after reading the scat book :)

We finished our realistic fiction book Rascal. We really loved this book. Aedan cried real tears about the ending. It wasn't sad, but it was very bittersweet. He even at bedtime still was thinking about it. I've always loved books that I shed a few tears for. I think he will really remember this one.

We are enjoying our biography about Thomas Edison. He really reminds me so much of my own boys. He was inquisitive, and like my Aedan, was brought home after school wasn't really a good fit. I think I'd like Thomas Edison's mom. She knew her boy wasn't "addled," but incredibly intelligent.

 We read about how Thomas Edison made a mixture that turned into a gas. He had his friend drink it to see if it would make him fly. They boys got a good laugh out of that story. Our experiment was to see what happened when we first poured baking soda into water: nothing of course. Then we poured baking soda into vinegar. I love seeing the boys faces in these picture. These simple experiments are always so fun :)

Our next experiment asked the question: What is a chemical reaction? We were to mix water, lemon juice, sugar, and cinnamon. It was supposed to be a sweet fizzy drink.

Aedan was very unsure of this one, but Silas was all for trying it. I have to admit this one got a thumbs down even from me, but it was still fun. Silas though it tasted pretty good, but what 7 year old boy doesn't think 3 T. of sugar tastes good. It was way too sweet. I think I'd cut down the sugar, add more lemon, and omit the cinnamon. That wraps up another unit. One more to go!


  1. You are such a FUN homeschool mama!!! Ahhh...to see the joy in their smiles is absolutely precious and treasure of memories that you have created for them to look back on read one day.

    I have to say that the "sweet fizzy drink" you share does not sound all that pleasant to my taste buds either...hehe! I don't usually put any sugar in my tea so I'm not sure that I would be fond of something so sweet.

    I love how you captured the looks on their faces through the experiment, too.

    You are really on the homestretch and will truly be blessed in the journey of teaching. Enjoy your upcoming break!

  2. Thank you! I feel like HOD is what has made everything fun. I can't take credit for anything honestly :) The drink was worse than gross! Today we finished our last HOD Bigger day. I'll update in a few days.


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