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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Welcome to yet another organization post! This year Aedan will move forward into HOD Creation to Christ. It was his first year home from school last year, and I really wanted to be able to combine the boys, so he joined his brother in Bigger Hearts with Extensions. It was an great year! I'm so thankful that we were able to study American History together. I am sad to have to skip Preparing, but I felt that as we move into 5th grade, that Aedan is really ready for more of a challenge. I will share his full program in another post.

I chose to remove the binding from the guide this year.

Creation to Christ is a pretty simple guide to organize. The only thing I have left to organize are our watercolor supplies. I have tons of watercolor paint from various kits. I need to look through them to see what we have left to purchase.

I bought a new Staples Better Binder for Aedan because he decided that he wanted everything to be yellow this year :) A friend asked me if I thought the cost of a Better Binder is worth it. I have to say I do think they are worth the price. They often go on sale at back to school time, so look out for deals. I have Better Binders that are 4 years old, and still look new.  At the beginning of each week I take out the pages that will be used and put them all on a clip board. These binders are too big to work out of, but they make a nice place to store everything in one place.

Our first section of the notebook includes our history notebooking pages. Creation to Christ is the first year that Heart of Dakota makes available their own beautiful, full color student notebook pages. These are gorgeous, and will be a wonderful record of what we learn.

Our next section includes science notebooking and experiment pages. These pages can be found at the HOD Yahoo group, or Facebook HOD CtC page. Again, I am so thankful for all the hard work people share. I know that each file that I download was a labor of love, and took a lot of time to create.

Our next section is for our studies in A Child's Geography.

I pre-printed all the maps that we are required to print throughout the year. I laminated the already labeled maps that we will use to reference for our studies. All of these are printed on card stock.

We are also required to print travel logs from the CD. There are 3 designs to choose from, but I knew my little artist would like the one on the left. It is optional to have a test at the end of each chapter. I went ahead and printed them. We will probably go over these orally.

Every so often the guide tells the students to copy something in their common place book. Instead of using a composition book, I added ruled paper to this section. I now have a separate Common Place Book that will be added to throughout the middle guides. It will mostly be bible copywork, and the memory work for Poetry.

I copied and laminated the written narration skills list from the appendix.

I removed the poetry section of the guide, and put it in my teacher binder. I chose to make Aedan his own poetry book. This is totally unnecessary, but apparently I love to use as much ink as possible!

I thought it might be nice for Aedan to have his own copy especially while he paints his poetry watercolor pictures. I like to keep my guides as nice as possible because they will be reused and sold.

 You will need painting supplies for the watercolor and poetry study. Click HERE to see the supplies we used.

Last year we juggled multiple composition books. This year I bought a 5 subject notebook, so that everything would be more contained. The 5 sections will be for R&S English, Write With the Best Writing, R&S Spelling (and HOD Dictation), Written Narrations, and Math (Life of Fred.) I'm sure this notebook cover will be covered with Aedan's pictures once he gets a hold of it :)

The front of our new binder has a great little pocket. I pre-cut the first months paper for the history projects, and added whatever helps he might need.

I think that covers it :) I will return to this post with whatever I figure out for how to store our art supplies and work. I'm still tinkering in my mind about that! I would love to hear any suggestions you have, or how you have organized your books!


  1. Love it! It all looks so neat and colorful. :)

  2. Love it! thanks for sharing your ideas. It's great to see the pictures. I'd love to have a pdf of your Notebook covers for Poetry and Student Notebook.

    Poetry: Here is a neat way that you might like for storing the watercolor paintings-- Itoya Art ProFolio Presentation/Display Book,9x12

  3. Love your organization! We are doing Beyond and CTC. On your Poetry book...did you retype the poems or copy from the TG? Would you be willing to share your cover & poem file? I've got two doing CTC and like the idea of them having their own book and not having to tote my TG to the table and share it.

  4. Thank you so much for posting all of your organization tips. This is our first year doing HOD (Bigger and CTC), and you have been such a blessing and encouragement. I was feeling very overwhelmed with how to organize our year, and your blog has helped me so much. Thank you!!!

  5. I am LOVING all of your ideas too! Do you have a copy of the sheet you used as your "main" cover page available to download? The one above that you added "Poetry Book" or "Student Notebook" on above. I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to use as a cover and no sense recreating the wheel if it is already made! :) I did customize your idea with the check boxes, stars, etc (from the other page) in Word format if someone would like to use it. I think I might do my own organization post crediting you back here. Does that sound good to you? :)

  6. Question....I'm following your lead in setting up our CtC binder. In the geography section...did you have the spine removed from the book and place the entire book in the binder? Or print a picture of the book cover and put the travel logs only in that section? Also...I notice you did English From the Roots Up....we are too! Did you do it daily? How well did it fit in to your schedule?

  7. The geography cover was found on the CD from the book. You can print it out from there. We dropped English from the Roots up early on. I may revisit it next year. It's a fine program. I just shouldn't have had my youngest do it yet, and I couldn't drop it for my youngest only without Aedan noticing :)

  8. What size Better Binder did you use?

  9. Hi Tara,

    My life has been spinning with all that is changing in my life, but the busy is hopefully a very short season with finally able to move back home. I’m praying and trying to hold onto hope that I can remain here. Some days are so hard because I know that my ears are not healed.

    Okay, onto the reason I wanted to write to you before I forget :)

    When I bought HOD CtC last year, I also found some really cool supplies to go along. I think you mentioned that you will be using it this coming school year and I wanted to share some links that you might like for the poem paintings.

    I just shared this on my blog and wanted to make sure that you saw it . . .

    I am so grateful to all your past blog posts and hope that in the very near future I can sit down and look over them as I pray and ponder over our upcoming school year.

    Trying to find slow again!

  10. Hi I was wondering if you have printable notebooking pages for creation to Christ? Thank you

  11. Hi! Is there someplace that I can print out the Student Notebook Cover Sheet? I looked on FB with no luck. Thanks!

    1. I don't have them uploaded, but if you send me an email I'll be happy to send it to you :)


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