Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 2 in Review

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Welcome to our second week of school! Can I just say how happy I am with our choice to work through Beyond instead of moving forward into Preparing? This has been such a sweet guide. I am loving our history readings, and can see that Silas is connecting with what we are reading. I love that the history is read from the perspective of children that would have lived during the period we're studying. Our studies took us to Jamestown where we learned about how it was settled, and what it was like to live there.

Our art project of the week had to do with our Bible study reading in Ruth. We made a field of grain, and scattered little pieces of wheat that Ruth would have gathered after the harvesters had passed through.

It wasn't in the instructions to add Ruth, but Silas added her anyway. I thought that she was so cute :)

Scholastic Teacher Express has $1 sales on their ebooks a few times a year. I have an embarrassing amount of them that I haven't used. I'm trying to make use of some of them this year. I found this model of Jamestown in the Easy Make & Learn Colonial America book. I think it helps kids to see what we're learning about as well, so it was worth the effort of putting this together. It helped Silas learn how the gates that protected Jamestown looked.

My kids have always loved Safari Toobs. I bought the Jamestown toob this year because I knew we'd be studying this at some point. Here is Captain John Smith. BTW, I used a coupon at Joann to buy it for 40% off. I think I may have paid 6 bucks.

Now these dudes just look scary, but they were in the package too. I guess the settlers needed to defend the fort. My kids had so much fun playing with these. There is a lady that has a soup pot. We pretended about what kind of soup she was making. I forget to sometimes engage kids on their level and play with them like this. I need to remember to do this more often :)

A new friend of mine gave me the Scholastic 15 Fun-to-Read American History books. There was one on Jamestown, so we cut it out and read it. What perfect timing!

I loved Silas's answer to the last question. We sold our house this year and are renting. We read about how one of the houses nearly burned down in Jamestown. Silas said he would be double-triple-quadruple worried if our house burned down because we have a landlord.

In history we read about a girl who was left to care for her little brother. For our geography activity we made a map of the route she took to find him through the corn fields and into the forest.

Our memory verse this week was great. What a good reminder for homeschoolers everywhere!

Our poem of the week was "Father, We Thank Thee." It tied in perfectly with our history reading. The family nearly lost their house in the fire, and had no food to eat. Their neighbors shared what they had, so they wouldn't go hungry. There is always something for which to be thankful.

Sometimes I look at our little HOD science activities and think....that's so simple! I forget that my kids are still little, and still have so much left to learn. I am always so surprised at how much joy they find in these simple things. We read in history about how one of the pioneer children kept a squirrel as a pet. We read how they flatten their body out, so that they fall softly. The first thing we did was crumble up a piece of paper, and dropped it.

Then we dropped a flat piece of paper to see if it would fall more slowly. It did! So simple, but a great illustration.

This inspired Silas to see what would happen if he dropped both at the same time.

Here is his science notebooking page for the above experiment.

I love how the simplest of experiments inspires a desire to learn more in my kids. I went upstairs to work with Aedan, and when I came down I discovered Silas with this. He wanted to see if Tin Tin could fly....

And guess what? He did! So fun!

We're enjoying IEW's Bible Heroes. It is a very different way of teaching writing, so I'm still getting used to it. Silas is already getting the hang of it, and did a few really good key word outlines. He was able to retell the story from his outline successfully, so I was happy. Bible Heroes has little games to play every so often. This week we played an adjective game. We had to use descriptive words to describe the animals when they went into the ark. He had a lot of fun with this. When he rolled a one he got to place the little picture he drew of himself into the "I am safe in Christ" envelope.

This week we didn't have any experiments in Elemental Science Biology. We did learn about some of the biomes. I had the boys help me color and put together a few different biomes from my Scholastic Easy Make & Learn Animal Habitat book (another from the $1 sale.) I didn't get a picture of the desert one Aedan made. The ES teacher guide suggested watching an episode of the BBC Planet Earth series. Aedan loved it! He asked me if we could watch an other. I bribed him to make the desert habitat by paying him with a documentary. LOL. I love that I can bribe my kids to do work by paying them with an educational video. These are great, and really worth watching. I wish the DVD set wasn't so expensive, or I might be tempted to buy it. We rented them on Amazon. I wish they were free on Netflix, but sigh, they aren't.

This week in I Can Do All Things Art we learned about secondary colors. We mixed the paint to make all the shades you see here. I need to buy a better blue. The one we have isn't a true blue, but he got the point.

We do 3 lessons of drawing on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Friday we do one paint card. It helps to know that when he's eying his brother's watercolor, that he will get a chance to paint too.

Silas was dying to get his hands on his brothers air dry clay that we made for CtC. He begged me to make some for him too. Both boys loved playing with this "mush." That about covers it! See you next week!


  1. Where can I fine those poetry copywork pages? They're PERFECT!

  2. Looks great! My daughter really got into that Ruth wheatfield. I also have a ton of unused $1 ebooks!

  3. I'm so sorry, but I can't share the copywork pages. A friend made them. She contacted HOD, and they didn't want her to share these kinds of files. I'm so sorry!


    I am trying to look through those books, and use them!

  4. Such a fun, fun week! Loved how he applied his simple science into making a glider for his Tin Tin!!! Seeing the applications of learning just goes to cement further that things don't have to be difficult to teach our children :)

    Happy Homeschooling!

  5. I share your sentiments in thinking some of the activities are so simple, yet forget my son is only 6! Simple is good! Simple is effective, too! Totally forgot to take pics of our squirrel investigation-- your pics turned out great!


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