Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 3 in Review

Friday, September 6, 2013

We had a fantastic 3rd week in Beyond! This week we learned about how the pilgrims had trouble with King James in England. I am loving the living book approach to history this year. I like how they use children in the books to help a smaller child connect with the history period we're studying. Our history readings focused on the Brewster family who ran an inn. They had to worship God in secret for fear that they would be persecuted by King James.

This week we read about the Brewsters, and how they lived in a home that used to be a palace. It was turned into and inn where travelers could rest. Silas's art project was to make a brick wall, and add roses to creeping vines just like there were in our history reading.

We learned that the pilgrims weren't free to worship God as they wanted. King James ordered people to worship God as he wanted them to do. The pilgrims met secretly in order to worship God freely. The pilgrims were persecuted because the refused to obey the King. We played a game to illustrate what would happen if you obeyed or did not obey the king. Silas ended up in jail for disobeying the king too many times.

This is Silas's history notebooking page. I think he thought that King James was a really bad dude.

We read about the Brewster's beautiful garden. In science we read about how flowers need need bees to pollinate them. Silas enjoyed this simple little experiment. I told him to make a flower out of his plate, and he far exceeded my expectations. Isn't it a cute little flower? I sacrificed the last of my Trader Joe's Salt and Pepper chips for this experiment. I have earned my homeschool brownie points for the week thank you very much!

Silas pretended to be a little bee, and crawled with his fingers through the first flower. He crawled like a little bee onto the second little flower and left the pollen.

This is his science lab sheet for the above experiment.

We read about how the pilgrims had to meet in secret places, and often traveled under the cover of night. The king's soldiers would have a harder time discovering them if they met at night. We learned about how dark colors absorb light, and how light colors reflect light.

Silas memorized 1 John 4:15-16a. Each week these scriptures have also touched my heart too. I'm so happy to memorize these with him.

We're still really enjoying IEW Bible Heroes. This week Silas narrated his story to me, and I was his scribe. He then copied the story himself. This was the end result of our key word outline story. I am starting to see the IEW process, and how it works.

Silas is enjoying Elemental Science Biology. This week we learned about the great cats, and elephants. Our experiment was to discover how animal's eyes reflect light. We covered the end of one toilet paper roll with black construction paper, and the other with aluminum foil. The foil reflected the light just as a cat's eyes would.

We are adding to our animal food chart each week.

Silas enjoys his simple daily lessons in I Can Do All Things art. I let him have at it with mixing paint for our Friday paint day. I left the room, and came back to find him mixing paint with his fingers and having a grand ol' time :)

I love these simple little lessons, and seeing his creative little touch on everything he does :)
How was your week?


  1. I can't wait to really start :) I love seeing your son's enthusiasm.

    My back has been out and thus our best laid out plans to have a wonderful start to school, just didn't play out. I did start on Thursday, but it was schooling from the couch and just some introduction of how school will fit together and going over review topics to check for their retention levels. So happy that there is nothing that we have to go back and re-learn!!!

    Despite my downtime & pain, I had a lovely week of deep reflections and renewed inner strength.

    Thank you for your continued encouraging posts!

  2. Praying your week went well.

    We finally got in a full week of school.

    I'll be back to check and see your weekly update :)

  3. Missing you and praying that all is okay!

    Also, may I grab your button for a link to your blog? I'd love to add you in my sidebar.

  4. Love Silas' smiling face in the pictures. Looks like you are having a great year. Can I ask why animals eyes reflect light? I know I could google it... but where is the fun in that. ;) Kyah just asked me this the other night on our walk home from the restaurant down the street. :)


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