Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 5 in Review

Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's been a busy 2 weeks here at Monarch Room. We celebrated 3 birthdays. I somehow found a way to have both of my kids on the same week as my birthday. We skipped school for each boy's birthday. It was so great to take time off to celebrate, but I'm ready for a 5 day week, so that we aren't spread so thin.

This week we continued learning about the pilgrims, and how some of them stayed for some time in Amsterdam. We took some time to learn about the countryside of this region, and what homes were like in Amsterdam. I always try to take time to look up images in books, or on the net, so that Silas knows what I'm describing. He thought Amsterdam was a beautiful place.

Silas is doing really well with Christian Light Math. It's turning out to be a great fit. We are using All About Spelling, and he never gets any of the words wrong. Even though it is a teacher intensive program, I have really seen the benefits. He is improving in grammar and writing with First Language Lessons 2, and IEW Bible Heroes. I'm really happy with all of our nuts and bolts subjects. I don't take the time to take many pictures of all that, so I thought I'd update you on our progress :)

We read about how a young pilgrim girl was given a tulip bulb. She didn't think it looked very special, but in the spring the bulb had grown into a beautiful tulip. Silas made a tulip that he could push up as it grew out of the pot.

This week our scripture memory verse was Psalm 139:13-14. We read about Jesus, and how he was a an 8 year old boy just like Silas at one point.

In science we learned about light waves, and how they move. We blew on the water, and used a dropper to drip a drop in the water to simulate how light moves.

Here is the lab sheet for the above experiment.

We also read about how babies are formed in their mother's womb, and how their heartbeats can be detected very early on. We used our hands to show how a heart pumps, and how God made our hearts to never tire and work all day long. Silas listened to Aedan's heart through our homemade stethoscope.

I love seeing these little lab sheets :) This is the one for the heart activity. The boys are always so creative!

In Elemental Science we read about the camel. We did a simple experiment to show why a camel is able to walk long distances across the desert, and not sink into the sand.

First we tried pushing a small circle into our sand (or salt.) Silas was able to easily push it through. Small feet don't work well for sand walking.

Next we used a large circle. As hard as he tried, he could never get our pretend foot to sink into the sand. I love how these experiments really bring to life our science readings.

Silas continues to enjoy I Can Do All Things art. This week he experimented with dip painting. Instead of mixing his paint on the palette, he mixed it on the paper.

We added this calender book from Confessions of a Homeschooler. I had noticed that Silas was still needing practice with calendar work. I love this free printable book, and Silas is really enjoying it.

Each day he fills out 4 different sheets. I laminated the ones that we'll use over and over again.

Each day also has a place to enter the weather of the day. Well that wraps it up! See you again next week!


  1. We did the cardboard in the sand experiment when learning how camels can walk without sinking. So fun!

  2. Another exciting week! Your extra science looks incredible, too. I just made a change this week from our Chemistry to Biology and hope that it is a better fit for us.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Looks fun - the science looks very neat - especially the camel experiment!


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