HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 3 in Review

Friday, September 6, 2013

Here's a little peak into our 3rd week of school here at the Monarch Room. Our studies this week centered on Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I am loving how knowledgeable Aedan is becoming concerning Bible history. I love that each week Aedan's bible study correlates what he is studying in his history readings. He's learning the stories from many different angles. We are studying Turkey in our geography study of the Holy Land. Our Bible Study is an in-depth study of Genesis. I love how everything goes together so well in CtC. After 3 weeks of school we've hit a really nice stride in our studies. It is definitely more work for Aedan this year, and more for me too :) I don't mind though. I feel like he is at an age that his studies should reflect his growing maturity. I'm seeing a lot of growth in independence even since we started.

Aedan is really enjoying his watercolors. This is my favorite so far. Our Robert Frost poem of the week was "A Peck of Gold." I really like this one because I was raised in the San Francisco Bay area for part of my childhood.

I am mostly hands off with the watercolors, but this week we did experiment together with the mixing of the colors. We were supposed to mix rose, yellow and blue. If you're not careful you get kind of a pukey gray. I was happy with how the colors turned out.

Aedan is already an amazing little artist. He surprised me with how well he did with this week's instructions. I seriously think this cloud is amazing! But maybe I'm his mom :)

I love the notebooking pages. You'll probably get sick of me saying that. I'm seriously so excited to have these as our record of what we've learned. Aedan especially was cracking me up with the pictures of this one.

Aedan made a star optical illusion to illustrate God's promise to Isaac that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars.
Each week we add to our prophecies about Christ chart. It's cool for Aedan to see that Christ was foretold so many years before he came.

Aedan absolutely loves his science book. This week he learned about bears and various other animals. He often comes down and tells me all about what he learned. Sometimes he disagrees with the author. Aedan reads a lot of books, and sometimes he feels his books are more accurate lol. Our experiment was to find out how a polar bear's skin helps keep him warm. A polar bear's skin is black despite its white fur. We used 2 thermometers. Our initial temperature was around 75 degrees.

We covered one of the thermometers in a white trash bag, and the other with a black trash bag. We set a timer for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes the white trash bag's thermometer read at about 85 degrees. The black thermometer read closer to 100 degrees.

 This is his lab sheet for the above experiment.

Each week Aedan copies a portion of scripture that references an animal or topic we've been studying in science.

Aedan read about mustelids, and recorded his knowledge here.

Aedan is doing well in R&S English 5. This week's assignment was to write a story. I thought he did an excellent job for his first writing assignment of the year. I thought he did a great job using descriptive language. His paragraphs need work, but we'll get there. Aedan really enjoys creative writing. I look forward to seeing more of his stories this year.

One of Aedan's favorite parts of school is his weekly spelling test. We're using R&S 5 Spelling. Ok, he didn't really get 139%, but he loves when I'm silly about his score. He always asks for bonus words. We are also doing HOD Dictation level 5 which he is also doing very successfully.

We went on a nature walk with friends. Our trail was full of things to discover. Aedan was a little broken hearted about the injured grasshopper on the left. I love that he is tender hearted towards even the smallest of God's creatures. He also found a cicada that didn't mind being picked up.

We recently got a great tree field guide. Aedan is really into identifying plants and trees. I need to find a good plant field guide. We've gotten really great at identifying birds, and even knowing their calls. I love watching how excited he gets when he knows what something is. I think there is value in knowing something's name. It makes me wonder if God asked Adam to name the animals because he knew it would be good for his heart to be that intimately connected with the created world.

On Labor Day we took the day off of school and went on a trip to the zoo as a family. I kind of fell in love with the Toucan :) Aedan and I decided he was our favorite animal in the zoo. See you next week!


  1. I love reading your blog posts. My dd is also doing CTC this year. We are just a few units ahead of you. It's so fun to see how other families do their projects, notebooks, etc.

  2. You always manage to wow me with your posts! I can't wait to get to CtC and only hope our days go as smooth as yours look.

  3. Lovely notebooking pages! The experiment looked fun and makes me glad that I have had a white roof during the summer months.

    ...and how fun to go to the zoo, too!
    I look forward to my back pain going away so I can make a few field trips.

  4. Those HOD notebooking pages are lovely! Looks like a great week.

  5. Beautiful water colors :)

    I love the notebooking pages that come with your curriculum!


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