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Sunday, September 22, 2013

We have a great local nature sanctuary that we like to visit. This week they had a class called Monarch Mania. How fitting :) I've always been fascinated by monarch butterflies, and their long journey from the north all to the very southern part of Mexico. Every year in Missouri we see hundreds and hundreds of monarchs traveling overhead on their long journey back south. I don't remember seeing as many last year as in year's past. It was an especially hot summer last year, so maybe their route was detoured. I hope we see a bunch this year! I love how monarchs always signal the coming fall, and the death of all that was summer. What a beautiful way to celebrate the coming season :)

I need to write about why I chose to our school name at some point. Monarchs have a special place in my heart because God really spoke to me prior to a very difficult season using these little winged creatures.

The boys made monarch hats.

Silas thought he looked more like an elephant than a butterfly.

I think it was a little early in the season for monarch tagging. There were a few people who were able to catch and tag some.

I love the natural prairies at our nature sanctuary. It's fun to see what the wild would look like untouched. There are so many beautiful wildflowers, and berry bushes here.

Both boys have always been interested in learning about the living creatures. Recently Aedan has taken a great interest in botany. We have bought a few new field guides, so that we can discover the names of the berries and flowers that grow wild in the woods near our house.

I was so sure we'd catch a Monarch, but we didn't. Aedan did catch a grasshopper though!

Silas was very proud himself for catching a few butterflies.

Here is one of the few that were caught during the time we were there. They are such majestic little creatures, don't you think?

This is an excellent book if you would like to learn more about the Monarch butterfly :) There is also a great documentary called Journey of the Butterflies that is worth watching.

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  1. Love butterflies! They are very precious to my heart as we released them at my son's funeral. Thank you for the sweet reminder of his life today.

    We did a butterfly project a few years ago and it was so much fun.


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