Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 6 in Review

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Another week down! I'm so happy with our choice for school this year. As each week passes, I'm so glad I chose something that is so fun to learn and also lets Silas be a kid. He gets so much joy out of all of our activities, and also has time left over to be outside and do what little boys love to do.

This week we continue our study of the pilgrims in Holland. I'm seeing the development in his oral narrations skills. I'm so glad that HOD incorporates some of Charlotte Mason's way of teaching reading comprehension. I am really starting to see how it develops over time, and will be useful when we begin written narrations.

This week I skipped the HOD art project. We were supposed to make something heart related, so I chose to do this instead. We read about how Jesus cleanses our hearts from our sin, and how the pilgrims wanted to worship God with all of their hearts. Aedan wanted to make one too :)

I found directions to this project here. Instead of using cardboard, I used poster board just to make it easier to cut out.

We read about how they have scrubbing day in Holland. At first Silas wasn't thrilled about this.

Once he got to work, he really enjoyed helping out. He even asked me for the next few days if he could do his scrubbing for the day :)

We added the King James Bible to our timeline.

Silas drew a picture to show what it was like to live in Holland. I don't think there were ninjas in Holland, but sometimes you have to let boys be boys :)

In science we learned about webbed feet. We wrapped the spatula in plastic wrap to show how much easier it is to swim with webbed feet. Then we tried it without the plastic wrap to show the difference.

This is the lab sheet for the above experiment. The kids were probably more excited about watching the whirlpool that resulted from me taking the plug out of the sink. They asked me to do it again, so they could watch their little Lego guy go down the whirlpool.

We read about how the weather turned cooler in Holland in the winter. We wrapped a piece of ice in white cloth, and a warm glove to see which one would melt first.

This is the lab sheet for the ice experiment.

In Elemental Science we read about Polar Bears, and how the fur on the bottom of their feet help them to not slip around on the ice. We wrapped a can in a washcloth, and left one unwrapped. The unwrapped one slid very easily while the wrapped one didn't move much at all.

One of the great homeschool perks is all the field trips we get to take! This week we headed to the apple orchard. We got to take a hayride, learn about bees, farm animals, and also got to pick pumpkins and apples. See you next week!


  1. A fun-filled week and even got some scrubbing done :) Gotta love HOD's assignments that even help get our homes clean.

  2. I love how even though you've separated them, they still do some of the projects together. :)


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