HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 7 in Review

Sunday, October 13, 2013

We made it through another week! We had a full week of school, and are back in our routine. This week our studies focused on Moses and Israelites after they left Egypt. The boys have both been working so hard. I'm really proud of them and the progress they're making in all areas. I'm starting to feel like it's time for a break. We have one more week of school, and then we'll take a quarter end break.

This week's poem was Robert Frost's "Gathering Leaves." It's a perfect time to study a poem that has to do with gathering leaves in the fall. Autumn has just begun here in the Midwest. The leaves are just beginning to turn, and the weather is cooling down. I'm starting to feel it's time to slow down and enjoy the slower days of fall.

Aedan is really enjoying his watercolor time. As he was painting this he said, "I'm really starting to love painting!" It's so fun to see him develop this new skill. At the end of each week he reads the poem for us. He's getting really great at taking his time with reading the poem, and being more expressive.

Our history project this week was to make the breastplate of an ephod. Aedan took a lot of time putting detail into each stone. I helped him form a few of the stones, and he did the rest. Each stone represents a tribe of Israel.

Aedan chose to copy the portion of our history reading about when God caused a wind to drive quail into the desert. The Israelites were complaining about manna. Aedan's interpretation is always comical :)

We ended our study of the geography and people of Turkey. We celebrated with Turkish Delight, and Turkish tea. Well....it wasn't really Turkish tea, but it was still tea :)

The boys love when we have projects that involve food!

Aedan's study in science centered on the rodent world. He also learned about anteaters and the platypus. His science activity had us measure a 2 foot piece of yarn to represent the length of an anteater's tongue. Anteaters tongues have a sticky substance that helps them gather ants. Aedan tried to pick up chocolate chips with his tongue. It wasn't easy!

We measured a yarn to show how long an anteater's tongue is compared to Aedan's. 

Science is Aedan's favorite part of school. I never gave much of a second look at Apologia's science books, but now I have to say I really love them. Aedan absolutely adores reading his science book! Well that's a wrap! How was your week?


  1. Love his painting! And our mini schnauzer would be in the same spot. ;)

  2. Thank you! I loved this painting best of all the others so far :) Glad to know someone else out there has a schnauzer mascot as well!

  3. So so so much fun! Is apologia the assigned science for your younger son's guide? How's the double guide transition going?

  4. Charee,

    My youngest is using Elemental Science Biology, but I may add Apologia to his work for next year. Both of the boys really love Apologia :) Using 2 guides has been easier than I thought it would be. I don't think I could say that if we weren't in at least one independent guide like CtC. It's harder in the younger years to run more than one I think.


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