HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 9 in Review

Sunday, November 3, 2013

After a week off, I have to admit that getting back to school was hard. After we got going though, I was so happy to be back into our routine. Having rhythm to the day is not only important to the boys, but also to me. I find I'm more productive if I know what I'm expecting of myself.

This week we read about Samson, Ruth & Boaz, and Eli's Sons to name few. I'm loving the depth of study Aedan is experiencing. He often reads the bible story for his bible quiet time, and then it is repeated in a narrative form. I also love how our geography study in Israel is tying in with our reading. We started reading Jashub's Journal for storytime. It's a great book to illustrate how the law worked. I had read mixed reviews about it, but I'm really seeing the value of learning Old Testament law since that is the period of history we are studying.

We decided to move back to Rod & Staff 4. While he could have continued in R&S 5 it was starting to feel cumbersome. Last year we worked through level 3, so I don't know why I skipped to 5. Math is going pretty well. I was starting to see Aedan develop more math anxiety, so on the problems he has trouble with, I have my husband work on them with him at night. This has saved a lot of frustration. I am so thankful!

This week our history project was to make a Philistine helmet. The fringe is supposed to stand straight up, but they still thought their helmets were pretty cool.

Aedan wanted me to take a picture of his design. We've been using essential oils for many things over the last few months, and Aedan wanted to let our readers know about it :) I'll be writing a series about how we use oils in our school, and for our health in the next few weeks.

This is what a Philistine helmet is supposed to look like. I think if we had used thicker paper, it might have worked, or maybe if we had cut the fringe shorter.

Since we didn't have a watercolor project this week we chose to do a project from Deep Space Sparkle. This is such a great site for getting ideas on projects to do. We chose to do the Under the Sea Chalk and Glue drawing.

The boys both drew their pictures with glue. I forget the part where the were supposed to draw first with their pencil. The glue dries clear, so it serves as a wall. We used pastels instead of chalk. I loved how these turned out :)

Here is our history notebooking page for the week.

Aedan was supposed to write about the Ark of the Covenant being captured, but instead wrote about Hannah and Samuel's calling.

Here is Aedan's narration about Ruth and Boaz. Love this :)

We continue our geography study of the nation of Israel. Aedan chose to illustrate the poppies of the Judean hills, Mount Carmel, and a wadi.

Aedan learned about ungulates in science.

He also read about camels and giraffes.

Our science experiment was supposed to demonstrate why a giraffe needs high blood pressure so that blood can get to its brain.

I'm pretty sure we did this one wrong, but somehow we always have fun!

At the end we just decided to fill balloons with water and throw them :) Nothing better than a little spontaneous fun. How was your week!?


  1. I love reading your blog. My dd is just a few units ahead in CTC. It's so fun to see how other children interpret the assignments and instructions.

  2. Aww thanks! I love seeing how other kids interpret things too. It shows how different we all are :)

  3. Of course, love it as always. :) It's neat to see your boys excited about things you are interested in (YL). My kids have began running when I bring out the oils. lol They say they are tired of stinking. Although, as you know, we aren't using YL ones.

  4. That's funny! My kids love them. I just cured Silas' hiccups with peppermint :) I just read that you've been rubbing your kids' feet with garlic. I hear that works, but maybe they don't like smelling like a garlic knot and a lavender field at the same time lol!

  5. Ha! You could be right! The garlic stunk VERY badly. Although, I like the smell of garlic, just not with lavendar and frankinsense. ;)


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