Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 13 in Review

Sunday, December 1, 2013

This week our studies aligned perfectly with the calendar. We spent time reading about the Pilgrim's first Thanksgiving feast, and then had our own family feast. The boys loved reading the story of the first Thanksgiving again :)

Our art activity this week was to make a clam. We learned that the Pilgrims used clams and oysters to make stew for their feast.

The instructions for this activity were to cut out a clam shape out of paper. I thought a paper plate might work a little better. We glued some pink tissue paper and a pearl inside. Silas used glue to line the paper plate, and then he sprinkled glitter on it.

This is Silas' history notebooking page for the week. I love that he throws in little facts I might have thrown out: "We have NO proof they ate turkey." Funny kid :)

Our history activity was to play games the Indians and Pilgrims played. We used tape to make a line, and the kids saw how far they could jump.

 We balled up a sock, and played a throwing game. We kept moving the bowl farther to see how good his aim was.

Our scripture memory verse of the week was Romans 8:28

For geography Silas drew a compass rose. We mapped Solomon's palace, The Temple, David's grave, and David's house. Silas used the compass rose to locate various locations.

In science we learned about how plant roots and leaf stems carry water to the rest of the plant. The boys drew veins on leaves.

The learned that when leaves lose their moisture they dry up and fall.

We put our leaves in water....

And watched the veins drink up the water.

This is Silas' lab sheet for the above activity.

Our additional science activity was to learn about the seasons, and how the plants look in each one. We read about how the Pilgrims looked forward to the harvest each year in the fall.

This is Silas' lab sheet for the above activity.

In Elemental science we learned how the shape of a bird's wing affects its flight.

The boys intend to spend every last nice day outside. I love that they love the outdoors :) See you soon!

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  1. I enjoy seeing how we all use the same tools of learning and yet we all have different things to share! We are struggling to finish Week 14 this week and I might just put it aside today and finish it next week.


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