Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 14 in Review

Sunday, December 8, 2013

This week we read more about the Pilgrims and how a ship brought new people to the settlement. We learned of how they were warned about a possible Indian attack, and how the Pilgrims helped Chief Massasoit recover from an illness.

Silas is really enjoying school. This week we had the opportunity to listen to former missionaries to Africa tell us about what that was like. The boys were both fascinated with the stories. I love that the have the opportunity to learn things they may have never had the chance to learn otherwise with our afternoons that are free.

We read in our studies about how the Pilgrims saw a ship in the distance. They were afraid that it was a French ship. Silas drew an English flag just like the one they would have seen on the distant horizon.

This is Silas' history notebooking page of the week.

We read in our studies how Massasoit was sick, and they feared he would die. They sent a messanger to the Pilgrims hoping they could help. We learned how they prepared a broth for the Chief to help aid his digestion. We used a coffee filter to represent a stomach.

We mixed salt and water and poured it through.

The "broth" easily went though our "stomach" and into the intestine.

Next we crumbled crackers and put them in our stomach.

This showed how solid food takes much longer to digest than liquids.

Silas wrote about our activity on his science notebooking page.

In science we also learned about snakes and how they have scales. We were supposed to cut out little circles to glue on the snake to represent scales, but I thought we might be doing it all day. He drew one instead :)

Silas is doing great with his scripture memory verses.

In Bible study we read about the Israelites crossing the Red sea. Silas sprinkled on pepper. He then dipped a bit of soap in to show the water parting.

I love seeing the joy in my kid's faces when we do these simple activities. We've done this one before, but they still loved it.

Silas has been continuing his work in I Can do All Things Art. He enjoys drawing each day, and I love his little creations. So sweet :) Tell me about your week!


  1. This past week we were also on Unit 14. We only completed three days. We were supposed to finish up this weekend but life got in the way. Oh well.

  2. We are doing LHTH and LHFHG this year, but I am enjoying your Beyond posts. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Fun, fun, fun! We are playing a bit of catch up after being sick, but our goal is to complete Week 15 before our Christmas break.

  4. Thank you ladies!

    Whispered Abundance,

    At some point I hope to be behind you because you have all the great ideas!


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