Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 15 in Review

Sunday, December 29, 2013

As I said in Aedan's update - I am so behind on posts! These next few posts will be a brief look into our week 15 and 16. 
Hopefully I won't get behind again!

This week we learned about how the Dutch brought cows, sheep and pigs to the new settlements. It was the first time they had dairy for a long time. We read about a boy named Peter and his cow that he took special care of named Trinka. Our art activity was to make a grazing cow. I'm not sure we followed the instructions exactly, but I still thought this was such an adorable little cow!

This is Silas' history notebooking page of the week.

Our geography activity was to act out how the pioneers unloaded their cows on an island near New York to try and keep them safe.

These little activities are always so fun and really reinforce what we've learned.

Our science experiment was a special treat. Since we were learning about the new arrival of cows we learned how ice cream was made. We used cow and soy milk.

The boys thought this activity was especially amazing :) We placed ice and salt in the big bag, and sugar and milk in the small bag.

The boys kneaded their cream until it became iced cream.

I love how excited they get when we get to eat our science projects!

This was Silas' experiment sheet for the iced cream.

Our poem of the week was "The Cow" by Robert Louis Stevenson. Of course it was perfectly fitting!

 Our next activity was to learn how the pioneers made their own cheese.

Ummm....welll......fail. I didn't have any paper towels because we were out, and a strainer just didn't do the job. They sooort of got the idea.

Silas thought I was going to make him drink the curdled milk and was horrified. Ha!

Our memory verse of the week was Matthew 25:21.

We read the whole passage and acted it out with coins. To one was given 10 talents, to one 2 and to the last 1. I love these visual lessons!

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