Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 16 in Review

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Here's another quick update for unit 16. I'm sorry these last few posts lack in detail. I hope they will be helpful nevertheless!

This week we read about how the pioneers traded blankets with the Indians. We made a woven paper blanket for art.

We learned about the strained relationships between the pioneers and Indians after the death of Massasoit.

We read about how two pioneer girls scared off Indian intruders with lanterns. In science we learned about how light reflects and moves.

We dropped a drop of water into a dish to see how light moves in waves.

 We also dropped food coloring in to show how light moves. This reminded me of how galaxies sometimes look.

We learned how the pioneer girls prepared their lanterns as the sun went down. We did this activity to show how shadows are affected by the sun. At noon they are short, and as the day goes on they get longer and longer.

Our poem of the week was "God, Who Made the Earth."

Silas is still doing really well with his memory verses. I love that we will have a record of the ones he has learned. Phew! Ok, next week's will be better I promise!

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  1. I'm signing off for the year, but wanted to stop by and let you know that I enjoyed reading all your updates. You are doing soooo good. We are still a week behind you but have enjoyed the vacation time and looking forward to plugging away soon.

    Loving on my little people!


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