HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 15 in Review

Sunday, December 29, 2013

I'm sorry to be so behind on posts. As they say, "Life Happens," and boy did it happen to us. I decided to take an additional week off for Christmas break, and then we'll return to school. I'll do my best to try to remember what in the world we did for school over week 14 and 15, so here goes!

Our poem this week was Robert Frost's "Once by the Pacific." This is an ocean scene. I think our colors were a little bold, but sometimes I like when ours turns out a little different :)

Aedan added his timeline entries: Jonah prophecies in Nineveh, Sargon of Assyria and Assyria conquers Israel. Aedan was obsessed with letting me know that Jonah was NOT swallowed by a fish, and thinks it was likely a whale shark :)

Aedan wrote about Israel and Syria coming against Judah and their intention to kill Ahaz, so that they could have a puppet king. I loved Aedan's illustration of this :)

This was Aedan's written narration of the week.

Aedan is having no trouble with cursive anymore. I wasn't sure how long it would take, but he's doing so well now!

Our history project was to make a origami prayer box. Miraculously with the help of much coffee we were able to successfully execute it! Aedan wrote prayers and placed them in the box, and prayed them using the A.C.T.S model of prayer.

Aedan is loving his new science book about birds. We have such a great backyard with lots and lots of birds to view, so this just reinforces his love of our winged friends. This week's experiment was to find out how a baby bird breathes inside the egg.

We covered the egg with vinegar and saw the tiny air bubbles appear.

After three days the vinegar dissolved the shell, and only the membrane remained.

We then covered the shell-less egg with karo syrup.

After a few more days the liquid inside the egg slipped out of the air holes and into the syrup leaving  just the membrane and the yolk.

This is Aedan's illustration for the above experiment.

We are already avid bird watchers, so Aedan is familiar with the names of pretty much every bird that lives in Missouri in our part of the state. We love watching the birds at our feeder. Aedan has named many of them that are our regular customers.

I really love how HOD uses living books for science. It has sparked what was already a love, but now has become a passion. Ok, on too week 16! Sorry this week was so sparse in description.

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