HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 16 in Review

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Here's the last of my lazy weekly updates. I have one more week off, and hopefully I'll return to regular blogging!

This week our poem was Robert Frost's "Dust of Snow." It was perfectly fitting because the week he painted this was our first winter's snow of the season.

We added a dusting of "snow" to our painting.

Aedan drew the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. This is the first of many pictures he will draw using "Draw and Write Through History." I thought it turned out beautifully!

Aedan wrote about Cyrus for his written narration.

Aedan chose to write about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednegobeing thrown into the fiery furnace.

We continued our study of Egypt in Geography.

In science we learned about how bird's beaks help them catch flies and gnats. I threw cheerios at Aedan while he tried to catch them with the first "beak." He didn't catch any.

He then tried with his second beak...no luck!

He caught them all in his third beak and learned that some birds open their mouths wide and can catch many more bugs that way.

This is his lab sheet for the above experiment.

Aedan drew a Rock Dove for his science notebooking page. Well that wraps it up! See you in a week!

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