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Sunday, December 1, 2013

 Confession: I have Advent Calendar guilt. It's been eating me alive since my roommate's mom sent me us the Advent Calendar of all calendars back when I was in my 20's. I was a new Christian, so these kinds of traditions were new to me. My friend's mom sent us a individually wrapped gift for each day that had a correlating scripture. It was so fun, and I wasn't even a kid anymore. I told myself that I would do something like that for my kids, and here I am 11 years later and am an Advent Calendar failure. Perfectionism is such a plague right? I was wanting to do something "just so" so that I never ended up doing it at all! 

My friend Lisa told me about her Advent calender that was more or less an list of special activities to do with your family each day. Brilliant! Of course I didn't spring into action, but I thought, "Hey! I could do that!" Then I saw my friend over at Whispered Abundance do this calendar. I decided to find a similar concept and combine both ideas from both friends.

I ended up finding this free printable Advent Calendar. The post said that I could find a muffin tin at Big Lots for $5 bucks, and indeed I did!

 If I had done this ahead of time I would have been able to find magnetic paper. I went to 3 office supply stores, and couldn't find any. I wish I had just checked Joann or Michaels for something magnet related, but instead I tediously used little pieces of stick on Velcro. I bet you could find some kind of little magnetic strips you could glue on easily. That's what I would do if I did it again, but hey, I got er' done right? I ended up printing mine on card stock and laminating them (because you know how much I love laminating.)

I found these great strips to print out to put in each tin. We will read scripture each day, but I really think my boys will enjoy doing all the activities as well. New Christmas tradition accomplished! Do you have an Advent calendar you use and love? Tell me about it :)


  1. Love it!!! We have a few days of catching up to do since my girls are all a bit sick. It's been blankets & hot tea with honey, books and essential oils instead of crafting and activities. We are running very slow this morning with frozen pipes & no water. Praying it warms up enough to get a hot shower.

    Blessings on your fun Advent Adventure!

  2. My husband came down with a sore throat. I've been attacking him with oils, and he's much better today. I've made him a believer. He's been taking my oils with him to work. I'm not sure I can afford him with an oil habit too!


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