HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 5 in Review

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Welcome to our week 5 in review! This week we spent all of our time in Egypt learning about Joseph's part in providing for God's people through the famine. We read about Thutmosis, and how he expanded Egypt through conquering many lands. Egypt has always been so fascinating to me. It's really interesting to learn about that time in tandem with our bible study through Genesis and Exodus this week.

This week's poem was "One Step Backward Taken." Aedan has to do a poetry reading at the end of each unit. He's starting to get the rhythm of how to read poetry for an audience.

Aedan's watercolor assignment was to watercolor rocks and shadows to go along with his poetry study.

Our history activity this week was to make Egyptian Palace Bread.

We had to soak bread in honey overnight, and bake it for an hour. It looked soggy when I brought it out of the oven, so I put it under the broiler until it had a nice crust. This little dessert was cloyingly sweet. I wonder what it would be like if you did half butter and half honey. I think you are really only meant to have a small bite of this. Even a small piece would be enough honey for a crowd of folks. The kids still thought it was fun and enjoyed it, even if it wasn't the best thing they've ever eaten.

Aedan chose to copy the portion of his history reading where Joseph directed that his bones should be taken to the promised land after he died. I love that Joseph had faith that God's promise would be fulfilled even though he would never see it in his lifetime. Ok, so maybe Aedan didn't grasp the most important things about Thutmosis' life. He thought it was hilarious that Thutmosis thought that the chicken was a magical bird because it layed an egg once a day, hence the picture in box 5 :)

Aedan charted all of Jacob's sons, and divided them by their birth mother.

Aedan is doing really well memorizing his scripture verses. He has memorized Philippians 2 to verse 5. At first I wasn't sure if he'd stomach the memory verse CD, but he hasn't complained once. It really does help to memorize things easily when you hear them in song.

Aedan learned continental drift in science. He was guided to cut out the continents, and paste them together into one big continent. The guide directed us to a few maps to print and cut out. I thought this one was much easier to print. I tried the others, and they were too small, or awkward to cut out.

Each week Aedan has drawn different animal tracks for his science notebooking pages. This week he made his tracks in clay. The one in the top left is our schnauzer's foot print.

Aedan drew a picture of our schnazer putting her foot in the B.G.P. (or what Aedan named the Big Green Pancake.)

Aedan learned about marsupials this week in science. He absolutely loves his science book (Apologia Land Animals), and is so bummed when it isn't assigned as reading. We started the Swimming Creatures book this summer. Aedan asked if we could start that back up again, so we'll probably add that on Fridays since he enjoys it so much. That's a wrap! See you soon!

Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 5 in Review

It's been a busy 2 weeks here at Monarch Room. We celebrated 3 birthdays. I somehow found a way to have both of my kids on the same week as my birthday. We skipped school for each boy's birthday. It was so great to take time off to celebrate, but I'm ready for a 5 day week, so that we aren't spread so thin.

This week we continued learning about the pilgrims, and how some of them stayed for some time in Amsterdam. We took some time to learn about the countryside of this region, and what homes were like in Amsterdam. I always try to take time to look up images in books, or on the net, so that Silas knows what I'm describing. He thought Amsterdam was a beautiful place.

Silas is doing really well with Christian Light Math. It's turning out to be a great fit. We are using All About Spelling, and he never gets any of the words wrong. Even though it is a teacher intensive program, I have really seen the benefits. He is improving in grammar and writing with First Language Lessons 2, and IEW Bible Heroes. I'm really happy with all of our nuts and bolts subjects. I don't take the time to take many pictures of all that, so I thought I'd update you on our progress :)

We read about how a young pilgrim girl was given a tulip bulb. She didn't think it looked very special, but in the spring the bulb had grown into a beautiful tulip. Silas made a tulip that he could push up as it grew out of the pot.

This week our scripture memory verse was Psalm 139:13-14. We read about Jesus, and how he was a an 8 year old boy just like Silas at one point.

In science we learned about light waves, and how they move. We blew on the water, and used a dropper to drip a drop in the water to simulate how light moves.

Here is the lab sheet for the above experiment.

We also read about how babies are formed in their mother's womb, and how their heartbeats can be detected very early on. We used our hands to show how a heart pumps, and how God made our hearts to never tire and work all day long. Silas listened to Aedan's heart through our homemade stethoscope.

I love seeing these little lab sheets :) This is the one for the heart activity. The boys are always so creative!

In Elemental Science we read about the camel. We did a simple experiment to show why a camel is able to walk long distances across the desert, and not sink into the sand.

First we tried pushing a small circle into our sand (or salt.) Silas was able to easily push it through. Small feet don't work well for sand walking.

Next we used a large circle. As hard as he tried, he could never get our pretend foot to sink into the sand. I love how these experiments really bring to life our science readings.

Silas continues to enjoy I Can Do All Things art. This week he experimented with dip painting. Instead of mixing his paint on the palette, he mixed it on the paper.

We added this calender book from Confessions of a Homeschooler. I had noticed that Silas was still needing practice with calendar work. I love this free printable book, and Silas is really enjoying it.

Each day he fills out 4 different sheets. I laminated the ones that we'll use over and over again.

Each day also has a place to enter the weather of the day. Well that wraps it up! See you again next week!

Monarch Mania

Sunday, September 22, 2013

We have a great local nature sanctuary that we like to visit. This week they had a class called Monarch Mania. How fitting :) I've always been fascinated by monarch butterflies, and their long journey from the north all to the very southern part of Mexico. Every year in Missouri we see hundreds and hundreds of monarchs traveling overhead on their long journey back south. I don't remember seeing as many last year as in year's past. It was an especially hot summer last year, so maybe their route was detoured. I hope we see a bunch this year! I love how monarchs always signal the coming fall, and the death of all that was summer. What a beautiful way to celebrate the coming season :)

I need to write about why I chose to our school name at some point. Monarchs have a special place in my heart because God really spoke to me prior to a very difficult season using these little winged creatures.

The boys made monarch hats.

Silas thought he looked more like an elephant than a butterfly.

I think it was a little early in the season for monarch tagging. There were a few people who were able to catch and tag some.

I love the natural prairies at our nature sanctuary. It's fun to see what the wild would look like untouched. There are so many beautiful wildflowers, and berry bushes here.

Both boys have always been interested in learning about the living creatures. Recently Aedan has taken a great interest in botany. We have bought a few new field guides, so that we can discover the names of the berries and flowers that grow wild in the woods near our house.

I was so sure we'd catch a Monarch, but we didn't. Aedan did catch a grasshopper though!

Silas was very proud himself for catching a few butterflies.

Here is one of the few that were caught during the time we were there. They are such majestic little creatures, don't you think?

This is an excellent book if you would like to learn more about the Monarch butterfly :) There is also a great documentary called Journey of the Butterflies that is worth watching.

HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 4 in Review

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I can't believe we've already made it through a full month of school! It's flying by. I took a trip to Florida, so this update is late. This unit focused mostly on Jacob, and his sons. We learned a little about Joseph, and will study more about him next week. We've really hit a nice routine. I'm really happy with the way this year is going. I love how much Aedan is learning about biblical history. He really is going to know so much by the end of the year!

Our poem of the week was Robert Frost's "A Passing Glimpse."

I love seeing how Aedan will follow the instructions each week, but makes each painting his own.

Aedan is doing great with his cursive. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to make him write all his narrations in cursive, but I'm glad I did. He has a reference sheet that he can look at if he forgets how a letter is supposed to look.

This week our history activity was to have a Hebrew meal. The boys loved this, and thought these snacks were way better than the ones we normally have. 

The edamame beans are definitely not Hebrew fare, but it was one of the few green things Silas will eat. We had grape juice, figs, bread, oil for dipping, cheese, and almonds.

A few people had posted a few shortcuts for our shepherd's head covering. I decided to see if we could put it together (despite my verbal instruction inadequacies), and we were able to successfully make them. Silas wanted to make one too.

We continued our geography study on Turkey, and mapped a few more locations.

We learned about Van Kedi cats, mud houses, and fairy chimneys. 

Our bible study in Genesis asked us to look in our science books to see if we could find different accounts of creation. I love that we have the opportunity to talk about how we believe that God created us, the universe, and all that is in it. He would have gotten a teaching more like that of the pictures above. This has been an interesting year for Aedan. He has always loved to read science books, and most of definitely do not say that God created the universe. We believe in the biblical account of creation, but are not necessarily young earth. We've had so many interesting conversations about this. It's been fun seeing Aedan's wheels turning on the topic of creation, whether or not it happened in 7 days, and if the earth is young or old.

This week's science focused in on the cat family. Our science experiment question asked how cougars and deer affect one another. I'm not sure we did this exactly right, but they had fun all the same.

Each week Aedan has to answer questions from his science reading. 

This is one of Aedan's science notebooking pages for the week.

This week Aedan turned 11! We celebrated his day by ditching school. We started our day off with donuts, and headed to the local aquarium. It's not a big aquarium, but my boys love it.

This is the moon jelly tank. The friend I visited in Florida told me that her son was recently stung by one of these guys.

The aquarium offers a squid dissection class. At first Silas didn't want to come. He has always hated what he calls "fleshy" science books (pictures of animals eating other animals.) I told him it wouldn't be bloody, and he decided he could do it. Aedan was all about it!

We located the squid's mouth.

We located the beak (or bulb and esophagus), and pulled it out. Isn't it crazy that this squishy little creature has a hard beak just like a bird?!

The next thing we did was cut this guy open. We located the ink sack and discovered she was a girl. The top point of a squid is white if it's a boy, and clear-ish if it's a girl. We pulled out her pin (I think that's what the teacher called it.) It looked like a piece of plastic, and serves like a back bone even though this is an invertebrate. The boys dipped it in the ink sack, and wrote their names on paper. I somehow missed getting a picture of that. Well hopefully I didn't gross you out too much with this :) It's a boy mom's life!
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