Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 8 in Review

Sunday, October 27, 2013

As I said in Aedan's review post, this is long overdue! We are back from a full week off from school, and I am finally getting around to writing this post. In week 8 we journeyed with the Pilgrims on the Speedwell on their way to their final vessel, the Mayflower. We learned about the many problems the Pilgrims had aboard the Mayflower. They dealt with crowded living quarters, sickness and a lack of food. This was not a fun trip!

Silas's art project this week was to make his own version of the Mayflower.

We entered the Mayflower on our timeline.

We mapped the journey the Pilgrims took from England to America.

In science we learned about how oil is lighter than water.

I always love these cute little illustrations :)

Our second project was to learn about why it takes the earth much longer than a smaller planet to make it's full rotation. Silas spun around, and then we spun a pen to show how a smaller object takes less time.

In Elemental Science we learned about how cold blooded animals regulate their temperature. That's all for now. See you next week!

HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 8 in Review

This post is long overdue! We wrapped up week 8 a week ago, but we've been enjoying a week off from school. We chose not to leave town. My husband had an extra week of vacation to use, or he'd lose it. This was the first time we ever just stayed home for a good ol' staycation. It is nice not feeling exhausted after a week of travel. I'm starting to get a little too used to all this extra time on my hands though, so it's back to work tomorrow.

I'll be keeping this short. I'm afraid I don't have as many pictures to share for this week's review. Week 8 focused on Joshua, and some of the judges of Israel. We have 2 weeks off from watercolor paintings, and Aedan is memorizing his favorite poem we've studied so far.

We made a model of the crossing of the Jordan River for our history project. Aedan did such a great job on his tiny Ark of the Covenant. Silas loaned him some of his Lego mini-figures to represent the 12 tribes of Israel.

This week we read about the 12 spies, and Gideon's Army. I don't know if you can click on this picture and see what the 12 spies are saying. So funny :)

Aedan documented facts about Joshua, Deborah, and Gideon.

We finally completed a whole sheet of the prophesies and fulfillment of scripture. Aedan is starting to see why these are important.

This week's studies in science centered on hoofed creatures. 

Aedan continues to love his science readings. I think he's going to be so sad when he realizes that he won't read this book all year.

We learned about all the different gaits of the horse, and tried to do them with our fingers.

We had a great opportunity to see the Kansas City Symphony perform. They do an education series. The tickets are free, so we were so thankful to learn about the different families of instruments.

We had another treat this week. Our zoo opened a beautiful new penguin exhibit. We waited in line for 30 minutes, but it was worth it. Normally there aren't lines at the zoo. That is one of the many homeschool perks. However, it must have been a teacher work day because every child in Kansas city was there. Aedan picked up his brother without my asking, so that he could see better. Well it's back to the grind! See you next week :)

Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 7 in Review

Sunday, October 13, 2013

7 weeks down! I'm so amazed at how quickly school days are passing by. I'm already having to plan our quarter end celebration. This week we learned about how the Pilgrims began to long for a place of their own. Their children were becoming more like Dutch children and losing their English ways. We were introduced to Miles Standish, and learned of the plan for the Pilgrims to leave Holland for new land in America.

This week our art project was to make a self portrait. We cut a slip of paper and wrote Psalm 139:14 on it, and slipped it in the pocket. Silas was so happy with his picture. He couldn't wait until his dad came home to show him. I thought he did a great job too! It's fun seeing his confidence growing :)

We learned how to say some things in Dutch.

We read about how the Pilgrims had to load up boats with only their most precious things. We learned about how ramps make work much easier. We tried to roll cans up our steps without a ramp.

It was much easier with a ramp!

Here is Silas's experiment sheet for the above experiment.

We learned about how the Pilgrims had to learn a new trade, and how many worked in mills in Holland. We wrote all the different steps wool has to go through to be made into fabric and delivered to the customer. Silas put them all in the right order.

In Elemental Science we learned how the size of an ear helps an animal escape predators. We used a ticking clock, and measured how far we could hear the ticking with our natural ear.

We then made a larger ear with a cup. Silas could hear the ticking clock from 20 plus feet away this way!

One of our ongoing projects is to study an animal. We got 2 tadpoles to be able to watch them change into little frogs. This little guy is already developing his hind legs. Silas was thrilled to get these in the mail! He makes sure to feed them every day. That wraps it up! How was your week!?

HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 7 in Review

We made it through another week! We had a full week of school, and are back in our routine. This week our studies focused on Moses and Israelites after they left Egypt. The boys have both been working so hard. I'm really proud of them and the progress they're making in all areas. I'm starting to feel like it's time for a break. We have one more week of school, and then we'll take a quarter end break.

This week's poem was Robert Frost's "Gathering Leaves." It's a perfect time to study a poem that has to do with gathering leaves in the fall. Autumn has just begun here in the Midwest. The leaves are just beginning to turn, and the weather is cooling down. I'm starting to feel it's time to slow down and enjoy the slower days of fall.

Aedan is really enjoying his watercolor time. As he was painting this he said, "I'm really starting to love painting!" It's so fun to see him develop this new skill. At the end of each week he reads the poem for us. He's getting really great at taking his time with reading the poem, and being more expressive.

Our history project this week was to make the breastplate of an ephod. Aedan took a lot of time putting detail into each stone. I helped him form a few of the stones, and he did the rest. Each stone represents a tribe of Israel.

Aedan chose to copy the portion of our history reading about when God caused a wind to drive quail into the desert. The Israelites were complaining about manna. Aedan's interpretation is always comical :)

We ended our study of the geography and people of Turkey. We celebrated with Turkish Delight, and Turkish tea. Well....it wasn't really Turkish tea, but it was still tea :)

The boys love when we have projects that involve food!

Aedan's study in science centered on the rodent world. He also learned about anteaters and the platypus. His science activity had us measure a 2 foot piece of yarn to represent the length of an anteater's tongue. Anteaters tongues have a sticky substance that helps them gather ants. Aedan tried to pick up chocolate chips with his tongue. It wasn't easy!

We measured a yarn to show how long an anteater's tongue is compared to Aedan's. 

Science is Aedan's favorite part of school. I never gave much of a second look at Apologia's science books, but now I have to say I really love them. Aedan absolutely adores reading his science book! Well that's a wrap! How was your week?

Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 6 in Review

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Another week down! I'm so happy with our choice for school this year. As each week passes, I'm so glad I chose something that is so fun to learn and also lets Silas be a kid. He gets so much joy out of all of our activities, and also has time left over to be outside and do what little boys love to do.

This week we continue our study of the pilgrims in Holland. I'm seeing the development in his oral narrations skills. I'm so glad that HOD incorporates some of Charlotte Mason's way of teaching reading comprehension. I am really starting to see how it develops over time, and will be useful when we begin written narrations.

This week I skipped the HOD art project. We were supposed to make something heart related, so I chose to do this instead. We read about how Jesus cleanses our hearts from our sin, and how the pilgrims wanted to worship God with all of their hearts. Aedan wanted to make one too :)

I found directions to this project here. Instead of using cardboard, I used poster board just to make it easier to cut out.

We read about how they have scrubbing day in Holland. At first Silas wasn't thrilled about this.

Once he got to work, he really enjoyed helping out. He even asked me for the next few days if he could do his scrubbing for the day :)

We added the King James Bible to our timeline.

Silas drew a picture to show what it was like to live in Holland. I don't think there were ninjas in Holland, but sometimes you have to let boys be boys :)

In science we learned about webbed feet. We wrapped the spatula in plastic wrap to show how much easier it is to swim with webbed feet. Then we tried it without the plastic wrap to show the difference.

This is the lab sheet for the above experiment. The kids were probably more excited about watching the whirlpool that resulted from me taking the plug out of the sink. They asked me to do it again, so they could watch their little Lego guy go down the whirlpool.

We read about how the weather turned cooler in Holland in the winter. We wrapped a piece of ice in white cloth, and a warm glove to see which one would melt first.

This is the lab sheet for the ice experiment.

In Elemental Science we read about Polar Bears, and how the fur on the bottom of their feet help them to not slip around on the ice. We wrapped a can in a washcloth, and left one unwrapped. The unwrapped one slid very easily while the wrapped one didn't move much at all.

One of the great homeschool perks is all the field trips we get to take! This week we headed to the apple orchard. We got to take a hayride, learn about bees, farm animals, and also got to pick pumpkins and apples. See you next week!
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