HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 12 in Review

Sunday, November 24, 2013

We have completed 12 weeks of school! It's been so great seeing Aedan's independence grow each week. We focused on Solomon and his wisdom, and how he eventually fell to many temptations. His life is a great example on how important our continued obedience to God is. We have have seasons where we achieve great things, but that doesn't take away our responsibility to continue trusting and relying on God and not ourselves. I love talking through these Bible passages with Aedan and hearing what his perspective is and what he takes away from them. He has a lot of great things to say!

Our Robert Frost poem this week was "Going for Water."

Aedan painted a moon rising behind the silhouettes of trees. He's doing a great job at the end of the week when he has to do his poetry reading for us.

Aedan takes a lot of care and time to illustrate his history notebooking pages :)

Aedan read about Solomon and how he married way too many women, and how those women eventually caused him to disobey the Lord.

Aedan's written narration about the Judah's disobedience and the punishment they received for it.

Aedan illustrated his timeline entries: Solomon marries Pharaoh's daughter, Temple Completed, Divided Kingdom, and Pharaoh Shishak invades Judah.

We made 12 pockets to illustrate the 12 tribes of Israel. We learned how God warned Solomon that because he worshiped other Gods that he would be punished. Ahijah the prophet prophesied that the God would tear Israel into pieces and give 10 tribes to Jeroboam.

When Ahijah prophesied he tore his cloak into twelve. We took the 12 pieces of cloth and put 10 pieces into Israel, and the other 2 into Judah to show how God punished Solomon's disobedience and divided his kingdom into pieces.

This week we learned about Dinosaurs.

We read about how a dinosaur's stance affected the way it moved. We made 2 models showing how some lizards and dinosaurs had a wide stance while others had longer legs.

Aedan demonstrated how each dinosaur ran.

Aedan illustrated the experiment above on his lab sheet.

Each week Aedan copies a portion of scripture that has something to do with our science topic of the week. I think his cursive is coming along nicely :)

We are winding up our study in Apologia. Aedan says every week that he his so sad it's going to end. I hope he enjoys the rest of the science books we read this year as well. My guess is that he will :)

See you next week!

Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 12 in Review

Welcome to our week in review! We are continuing to enjoy our study of the lives of the Pilgrims. Even Aedan enjoys listening in on our readings, and both are beginning to get to know the individual people in the Plymouth settlement. The timing has been great because Thanksgiving is this coming week, and our readings are leading up to the first Thanksgiving feast. I love that both boys enjoy listening in and participating with each other. This year is turning out to be much better than I could have hoped. We have a great routine. We do hit bumps in the road because none of us are perfect (mostly me.) My boys are so fun to teach, and always are so quick to be joyful over a new discovery.

This week's artistic expression activity was to illustrate our bible passage for the week:

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27

Silas wrote Peace in the middle of a coffee filter, and we cut it into a heart shape. He dipped the corners into food coloring. My boys always laugh because our Dec-a-Cake food coloring always saves the day. We made up a little song about it. We've had the same box since Silas was in Kindergarten, and use it so much in our activities.

I thought these were really pretty. Even Aedan wanted to make one :)

This week we met a few Native Americans in our readings by the names of Samoset, Massasoit and Squanto.

In HOD Geography we learned how to make a map using a map key. Silas made his own map of Plymouth Fort.

Our poem this week was "The Prayer Perfect." It was a great poem to show how to pray for those we love, and for those that are lacking what they need.

 Many of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock got sick and died. We did an activity to show how germs spread. We cut up little pieces of paper, and put them in a cup. I said "AaaaaaCHOO!" and Silas shook up his cup without covering it. It showed how our germs spread when we don't cover our mouths when we cough or sneeze.

The next time we covered the cup and ended up with far less germs.

 Silas illustrated the experiment on his science lab sheet.

 The next thing we learned about in science was about how the North and South Poles receive less sun than the Equator. Aedan sat in the middle of the room to represent the sun, and Silas walked around with the Earth (balloon.)

Silas shows the experiment here on his lab sheet.

Silas is doing great in his math. Christian Light has been great. Silas says he really likes math. I hadn't taken out the Cuisenaire Rods for a while. Silas was so excited to be able to use these.

This week in Elemental Science we learned about ducks, chickens and penguins. Our experiment showed how birds have oily feathers to keep them afloat in the water.

Silas poured oil over the water to represent the oil on birds' feathers.

Next we poured detergent over the oil to see what happened. When we pour detergents and other pollutants in water it affects the oil on birds feathers.

 When the birds get detergents on their oily feathers it sometimes causes them to sink. Again this was another sad realization for my boys, but a good picture of why it's important to take care of our environment.

This is the science experiment page for the above activity.

Each week Silas writes an written narration for each topic we read about.

 We've been adding creatures each week to our animal diet chart. 

See you next week!

HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 11 in Review

Sunday, November 17, 2013

We continue our study of the life of David this week. We read the story directly from the Bible, and also in our history readings. I love watching my guy grow in his knowledge of the Bible narratives, and to learn from mistakes and triumphs of the lives we have studied. I am so thankful for the opportunity to teach my boys, and to also learn along side them.

This week's poem was "Fragmentary Blue" by Robert Frost. We painted two blue skies. We didn't really follow the instructions. I need to get Aedan a bigger paint brush. He was still really happy with his work though.

Here is Aedan's history notebooking page for the week.

Aedan wrote chose to write about David and Bathsheeba. I can't help but chuckle each week at Aedan's perspective. 

Aedan's written narration this week was about the Phoenician traders.

Aedan added to his timeline: David is King of Judah and Israel, Absolom Rebels, and Revolt against the Philistines.

Our history project this week was to make an ancient board game that was played by the Phonecians. The game is called Twenty Squares. We drew squares on the page, and blotted the paper with a wet tea bag to make it look old. We were supposed to make game pieces out of bread and glue, but I decided to skip that part. I normally do all of the activities, but that didn't seem necessary to play the game.

Both boys got 5 game pieces. The object of the game is to be the first person to get all their game pieces off the board.

The dice of the game are wooden sticks. You drop them and only count the ones with black facing up. You can move your piece that many spaces.

The boys loved this game. It was worth making :)

We continued our study of Israel in geography. Aedan illustrated the Dead Sea, skiing on Mt. Hermon and fishing on The Sea of Galilee.

Aedan studied amphibians this week. His science experiment was to learn how a frog can breath when they are in mud or underwater. We used an uncooked egg to illustrate this. 

Frogs bury themselves in the mud, but can breath through their skin. The egg developed bubbles after about 10 minutes. It showed how oxygen can pass through the egg just like oxygen can pass through a frog's skin.

Aedan illustrated our experiment :)

Here are Aedan's science notebooking pages of the week.

I love seeing how excited he is to read his science book. He still hasn't tired of it.

Aedan did a venn diagram to show the differences between reptiles and amphibians.

We have so many animal visitors. Aedan is the St. Francis of Assisi of the neiborhood. We had quite the population of box elder beetles. He makes sure we don't step on them on the way out of the house. I love how sweet he is to the animals of our little forest :) See you soon!

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