HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 16 in Review

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Here's the last of my lazy weekly updates. I have one more week off, and hopefully I'll return to regular blogging!

This week our poem was Robert Frost's "Dust of Snow." It was perfectly fitting because the week he painted this was our first winter's snow of the season.

We added a dusting of "snow" to our painting.

Aedan drew the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. This is the first of many pictures he will draw using "Draw and Write Through History." I thought it turned out beautifully!

Aedan wrote about Cyrus for his written narration.

Aedan chose to write about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednegobeing thrown into the fiery furnace.

We continued our study of Egypt in Geography.

In science we learned about how bird's beaks help them catch flies and gnats. I threw cheerios at Aedan while he tried to catch them with the first "beak." He didn't catch any.

He then tried with his second beak...no luck!

He caught them all in his third beak and learned that some birds open their mouths wide and can catch many more bugs that way.

This is his lab sheet for the above experiment.

Aedan drew a Rock Dove for his science notebooking page. Well that wraps it up! See you in a week!

Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 16 in Review

Here's another quick update for unit 16. I'm sorry these last few posts lack in detail. I hope they will be helpful nevertheless!

This week we read about how the pioneers traded blankets with the Indians. We made a woven paper blanket for art.

We learned about the strained relationships between the pioneers and Indians after the death of Massasoit.

We read about how two pioneer girls scared off Indian intruders with lanterns. In science we learned about how light reflects and moves.

We dropped a drop of water into a dish to see how light moves in waves.

 We also dropped food coloring in to show how light moves. This reminded me of how galaxies sometimes look.

We learned how the pioneer girls prepared their lanterns as the sun went down. We did this activity to show how shadows are affected by the sun. At noon they are short, and as the day goes on they get longer and longer.

Our poem of the week was "God, Who Made the Earth."

Silas is still doing really well with his memory verses. I love that we will have a record of the ones he has learned. Phew! Ok, next week's will be better I promise!

Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 15 in Review

As I said in Aedan's update - I am so behind on posts! These next few posts will be a brief look into our week 15 and 16. 
Hopefully I won't get behind again!

This week we learned about how the Dutch brought cows, sheep and pigs to the new settlements. It was the first time they had dairy for a long time. We read about a boy named Peter and his cow that he took special care of named Trinka. Our art activity was to make a grazing cow. I'm not sure we followed the instructions exactly, but I still thought this was such an adorable little cow!

This is Silas' history notebooking page of the week.

Our geography activity was to act out how the pioneers unloaded their cows on an island near New York to try and keep them safe.

These little activities are always so fun and really reinforce what we've learned.

Our science experiment was a special treat. Since we were learning about the new arrival of cows we learned how ice cream was made. We used cow and soy milk.

The boys thought this activity was especially amazing :) We placed ice and salt in the big bag, and sugar and milk in the small bag.

The boys kneaded their cream until it became iced cream.

I love how excited they get when we get to eat our science projects!

This was Silas' experiment sheet for the iced cream.

Our poem of the week was "The Cow" by Robert Louis Stevenson. Of course it was perfectly fitting!

 Our next activity was to learn how the pioneers made their own cheese.

Ummm....welll......fail. I didn't have any paper towels because we were out, and a strainer just didn't do the job. They sooort of got the idea.

Silas thought I was going to make him drink the curdled milk and was horrified. Ha!

Our memory verse of the week was Matthew 25:21.

We read the whole passage and acted it out with coins. To one was given 10 talents, to one 2 and to the last 1. I love these visual lessons!

HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 15 in Review

I'm sorry to be so behind on posts. As they say, "Life Happens," and boy did it happen to us. I decided to take an additional week off for Christmas break, and then we'll return to school. I'll do my best to try to remember what in the world we did for school over week 14 and 15, so here goes!

Our poem this week was Robert Frost's "Once by the Pacific." This is an ocean scene. I think our colors were a little bold, but sometimes I like when ours turns out a little different :)

Aedan added his timeline entries: Jonah prophecies in Nineveh, Sargon of Assyria and Assyria conquers Israel. Aedan was obsessed with letting me know that Jonah was NOT swallowed by a fish, and thinks it was likely a whale shark :)

Aedan wrote about Israel and Syria coming against Judah and their intention to kill Ahaz, so that they could have a puppet king. I loved Aedan's illustration of this :)

This was Aedan's written narration of the week.

Aedan is having no trouble with cursive anymore. I wasn't sure how long it would take, but he's doing so well now!

Our history project was to make a origami prayer box. Miraculously with the help of much coffee we were able to successfully execute it! Aedan wrote prayers and placed them in the box, and prayed them using the A.C.T.S model of prayer.

Aedan is loving his new science book about birds. We have such a great backyard with lots and lots of birds to view, so this just reinforces his love of our winged friends. This week's experiment was to find out how a baby bird breathes inside the egg.

We covered the egg with vinegar and saw the tiny air bubbles appear.

After three days the vinegar dissolved the shell, and only the membrane remained.

We then covered the shell-less egg with karo syrup.

After a few more days the liquid inside the egg slipped out of the air holes and into the syrup leaving  just the membrane and the yolk.

This is Aedan's illustration for the above experiment.

We are already avid bird watchers, so Aedan is familiar with the names of pretty much every bird that lives in Missouri in our part of the state. We love watching the birds at our feeder. Aedan has named many of them that are our regular customers.

I really love how HOD uses living books for science. It has sparked what was already a love, but now has become a passion. Ok, on too week 16! Sorry this week was so sparse in description.
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