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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Thanks for checking in with us on our week 17 week in review. We are back at it after 2 weeks off. I'm starting to feel progress towards the end of the year. I don't want it to end just yet, but I love that I have lots of weeks checked off of the calender. We are just about to wrap up our reading from Stories of the Pilgrims. This week we read about two pilgrim boys that were kidnapped by native Americans. The plan was that the children would be sold to the French in Canada. The boys were brave, and escaped that fate. I love how all of our activities each week tie in together. From our Bible memory verse, to our poetry study; all things work together. Even art, geography and science are all tied in. I love how the connections are made each week. Every week I'm so thankful that this is all planned out for me. I know it would have taken me so much time to plan something like this!

Silas is doing well in his 3 R's. He is actually enjoying math. I think he's decided to be good at it. I love that Silas is a Can-Do kid. He began a new genre in DITHOR, and is reading The Mystery of Pelican Cove. I am so happy with his progress and where he is in his skill level.

This week we read about how the Pilgrim boys Isaac and Joseph saw an Indian camp by a lake. Our art activity was to make a sunset scene with a lake. We were supposed to cut out a tin foil lake, but I thought this was a nice alternative. I love how this turned out.

We read about how the same boys were traveling up the river with their abductors. Our geography activity was to learn about the different features of a river. We formed a source, bank, bed and mouth. We colored water and poured river from the source to the mouth of the river.

I love these activities. Sometimes I am tempted to skip them, but then I know these are the experiences that make homeschool so much fun!

Our memory verse was 1 Peter 5:7. The Pilgrim boys were so scared during their ordeal. This was a great verse to learn, so that we can know who can help us during times of distress.

The Pilgrim boys escaped their captors. They used the sun by day and stars by night to guide their way. In science we learned how the sun is very large, but it looks very small to us. We used a book to demonstrate how something really large can look very small when it is further away.

We used a flashlight to demonstrate the same idea.

This is Silas's lab sheet for the above experiment.

The Pilgrim boys were captured by a stream. They had planned to go fishing, and were caught there. In science we learned about how a fish's scales work as a kind of camouflage. They reflect their surroundings and are harder to see. We cut out a tin foil fish, and held it up to different surfaces.
The fish was great at reflecting its surroundings and therefore would be safer from predators.

This is Silas's lab sheet for the above experiment.

We are continuing our study of animals in Elemental Science. This week we learned about how water moves in and out of living cells in a process called osmosis. We made a salt water and fresh water bowls.

First we put the cucumber slices in both sides, and then we switched them.

At first the fresh water cucumbers were still stiff and crunchy.

After we put them in the salt water the became soggy and bendable. This showed how the salt water penetrated the cucumber. Thanks for stopping by. Tell me about your week :)


  1. what cool activities! They look so fun thanks for sharing the fish my nine year old really enjoyed seeing that :)

  2. Oh, I am missing this, but I do know that our choice to change was necessary for now. I keep looking at the manual.

  3. Thanks y'all!


    My guess is that I while you're missing HOD, I'll pop over to your blog and miss FIAR :) It will be fun to see you enjoy all that sweetness! I think you made a great choice.


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