Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 19 in Review

Sunday, January 26, 2014

We have left the Pilgrims behind, and have moved forward into studying children of the colonial days. Silas has been enjoying the readings of our new history book. We had to stop, and he asked if we could read a little more. This week we read about a girl named Remember Biddle. She was left home to take care of things and had quite an adventure. My boys always notice just how much harder the children of long ago worked. It's always a good lesson in thankfulness when we realize just how blessed we are with so many modern conveniences.

We read about how Remember scrubbed the floor and then sprinkled a pretty salt pattern on the floor. Silas went to town when I told him to make a pattern.

I should have told him that the pattern needed to be simple enough to add glue and salt. We ended up using glitter, and he was really happy with his design :)

Remember was a very can-do kind of girl. She ran out of work and decided to make soap on her own which was no small task. I learned how to make soap with lye a few years ago, but I could buy my lye at the store. Remember had to make it from ashes. An Indian man came to her door with 2 turkeys. He was fascinated with the soap she had made, and traded her some soap for the turkeys he had brought.

Silas copied our poem of the week "Monday's Child."

Silas is doing really well with his Bible memory work. When we do review week, I'm always so impressed with how many he still remembers from the beginning of the year.

In science we read about time, and how the sun doesn't really go down.

We demonstrated how night and day happen because of the spinning of the globe. I don't know why I take these pictures in the dark. Sorry it's so blurry. You get the idea though right?

Silas illustrated and explained the above activity on his science lab sheet.

We read about how the Puritans were called to worship each Sabbath with the beating of a drum. In science we read about how our ears hear and process sound. I blindfolded Silas, and he had to determine where the sound was coming from.

At first he had his ears open and was able to locate the source of the sound. Next we plugged his ears, and he wasn't able to locate accurately where the sound was coming from.

I thought Silas did a nice job of explaining what happened :)

We are almost done with our study of animals in Elemental Science. This week we read about shellfish, shrimp, lobsters and spiders. Our experiment was to show how a spider knows what has been caught in her web. I tied a string from a chair to a door handle.

I had Aedan pluck the string at one end while Silas kept his hand on the string at his end. He plucked it gently at first to show what it would feel like for a tiny insect to have been caught in a web. A spider would ignore this. Then I had him pluck it more wildly. A spider would hide if this happened because it would get injured if its catch was too big.

Then I had Aedan pluck it moderately. This sized insect would be just right, and the spider would wrap her meal in silk.

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  1. Love his glittery pattern page!

    Always fun and I wish we lived closer and could school together.


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