HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 17 in Review

Sunday, January 12, 2014

We made it through our first week back from break alive! Honestly, getting back to routine is so much better for all of us. I tend to squander time when I have too much of it, so getting back to work felt great. We're wrapping up our study of the the Jewish people. Aedan has learned so much, and so have I! This week we spent much of our time in the time of Esther. We read about Nehemiah, Ezra, Cyrus and Darius. Aedan is getting a great grip on Biblical history. We're about to end and enter our study of Greece. Aedan is super excited to read some of the additional books I have on Greek mythology. I love that each study is so rich, and that another that is equally rich is on its way. I can't say enough about how happy I am with our choice of curriculum this year.

Aedan is improving so much in math! He hasn't failed to get an A on a quiz or test in such a long time that he is starting to believe he might be good at math. Major victory for us! Aedan just entered the mystery genre in DITHOR. He is reading Raiders from the Sea, and gives it a 10/10 so far. There isn't a watercolor project for this week or next. He's memorizing "Once By the Pacific" by Robert Frost in the meantime.

We've been reading several books of the Bible for storytime. Last week we read Jonah, and this week we read most of the book of Esther.

Part of our history project was to make graggars for the reading of Esther. We put beans and other noise makers inside. Of course Haman is the villain in the story of Esther. During our reading we shook our graggars when the name of Haman was read (see above.) The boys thought this was pretty fun :)

The other part of our history project was to make Hamantashen which is a traditional Jewish cookie. I should have taken a picture of my first batch. They were a major fail! The recipe calls for 2 c. of flour, but it needed a lot more if you added the optional orange juice like I did. Silas isn't a fan of jam, so he requested some with Trader Joe's Cookie Butter & Cocoa Swirl inside his. I thought that was a creative idea, so of course I obliged!

This is what they looked like before I put them in the oven.

And the after :) I love when we get to eat our projects!

Aedan added his timeline entries to his notebook: Belshazzar's Feast/Babylon conquered by Medes and Persians, Daniel in the Lion's Den, and Jews rebuild Temple/Esther is Queen of Persia. Of course my biggest fan added a Young Living Oil commercial in each one :)

This is Aedan's copywork for his history reading.

This is Aedan's written narration for the week.

Aedan has really enjoyed his Birds of the Air science book. We keep our bird feeder full as much as possible, so there is always a connection for him to make. This week he read about Goldfinches. We have a finch feeder, and they come to it daily. They aren't golden this time of year, but they still brighten our day :) Our science experiment was to learn about why birds of prey are at the top of the food chain. Aedan pretended to be a small seed-eating bird. I timed him to see how many seeds he could get in 15 seconds.

We were supposed to use a clothes pin to pick up the seeds, but I didn't have one. I let him use his fingers. The next thing we pretended was that Silas was a hawk. He had to run around Aedan and make lots of noise to distract the little bird.

I love this picture. They were having so much fun :)

Silas (the hawk) gobbled up the little bird.

This is Aedan's illustration for the above activity. Ha!

I am so thankful for the mom that made these science notebooking pages. We will have such a great record of this year! Aedan loves illustrating birds each week.

This is the final science notebooking page of the week. Thanks so much for visiting!
How was your week?


  1. Looks like a very fun week! I just love those HOD pages - they are so beautiful!

  2. Thank you! I love those pages too :)

  3. Beautiful week! I agree the best projects are those you can eat


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