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Friday, January 17, 2014

Thanks so much for checking out our week in review. We began our study of ancient Greece this week! I love that there is always a new book to look forward to in HOD. Aedan was super excited to begin reading D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths. This isn't a required HOD book, but Aedan loves reading about myths and legends. This week we began our study of the geography of Greece. We also started reading about Archimedes with our storytime book Archimedes and the Door of Science. I absolutely love that HOD uses living books to flesh out what it was like to live during the period we are studying. I really look forward to our study of Greece.

Since there was not watercolor project this week I'll begin with our science. This is our final week in Birds of the Air. Our science exploration question was: How do Ducks stay dry when they are swimming? We made two paper feathers. We left one of them as is, and we oiled one up with shortening.

We placed both of the feathers in water. The un-oiled feather quickly soaked up the water.

It eventually sank to the bottom while the oiled feather stayed dry on the surface.

Next we removed the feathers and added dish soap to the water.

We added the oiled feather back to the water, but this time it sank. We talked about how this happens to birds when they try to swim in polluted water. They are kept dry and afloat because of the oil on their feathers, but sink when the oil is dissolved by solvents and chemical pollutants in the water.

Aedan illustrated the above activity.

Aedan has really enjoyed his study of birds :)

We have new mechanical pencils that the kids write really lightly with, so I'm sorry if this is hard to read.

This is Aedan's copywork portion of his history notebooking page. He wrote about what it would be like to come upon Greece by boat.

Aedan learned how many Greek citizens had slaves which afforded them time to do all the thinking they did. Aedan read about a slave girl that was crying and looking longingly out the window, and that is what he chose to write about for his written narration.

Aedan added his history timeline entries to his notebook

This week we studied the map of Greece and learned about different regions of the country.

We continue our Geography study of Egypt. Aedan mapped more locations.

Every 9 weeks or so we take a break from watercolor paintings and take 2 weeks to memorize a poem. Aedan chose to memorize "Once by the Pacific."

That's all for now. Tell me about your week!

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  1. What a neat science experiment - that really gets the point of pollution across.

    Love his pages! His handwriting is so neat (says the mom who is plugging away on the cursive & neatness lessons this year!).


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