HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 19 in Review

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Welcome to our week 19 in review! We are loving our new study of Greece. I wasn't sure how well Aedan would do with the new history books because they were written long ago. I'm always so amazed at how much he retains from his readings. He is really interested in learning about the Greeks. I think he really identifies with their love of art and science. He is loving reading about the myths. This is turning out to be a great year :)

We're back to our watercolor projects. This week our poem was "The Birthplace" by Robert Frost.

I really love how this one turned out. We are definitely mountain lovers in our family.

Aedan wrote about the Olympics for his copywork. It's so fitting that we would be studying Greece right now as the Olympics are just about to begin. Aedan of course has to add his humor to his work. He drew Medusa turning the runner to stone ha!

Aedan wrote about Xerxes' army for his his written narration.

I can't wait to see what these notebooking pages look like in a few years. I love that HOD gives my artists lots of opportunity to practice. Aedan added Olympic Games in Olympia, Solon's laws reform Athens, and Battle of Marathon for his timeline.

Aedan listened to the What in the World? audio about the Persian empire and Xerxes.

Aedan drew a picture of a Greek soldier with direction from Draw and Write through History.

We continue our study of Egypt in A Child's Geography. I love his picture of the Sphinx ha!

In science we learned how a plant's xylem tubes carrier nutrients to the stems and leaves of the plant. We chose to modify the experiment.

This is Aedan's illustration of the above experiment.

Aedan is enjoying the change of pace with his new plant science book.

I love that his love of science is being nurtured everyday with great books and activities.

That wraps it up! How was your week?


  1. I am always "WOWed" by his beautiful poetry artwork.

  2. I so love seeing his artwork too. Delights my little heart every single day :)


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