Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 22 in Review

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Like I mentioned in Aedan's post, we are enjoying a much needed week off of school. I love that we can schedule school and take a whole week off instead of the day off here and the half day off there like we had in public school. I've been swimming in piles of books this week because we had our box day on Monday. I plan to take a picture of those piles as a preview of what we'll be doing next year. I still have a few more things to purchase, but for the most part I'm done with buying. It's so fun to see what we'll be learning next year. First I have to get through this year though right!?

This week we read about Colonial Times and spent a little time with Benjamin Franklin. He really did sound like such an interesting man. I know many of our stories of our founding fathers are legends, but there has to be a seed of truth in many of them. One thing is for certain, Franklin was a brilliant man. Sometimes I hear my boys rattling off the things they know and what they've learned. I am so thankful for the opportunity to homeschool them. Both have such a love of learning. I'm so excited to see what God will do with these two brilliant little boys.

This week we read about a coppersmith named Deacon Brown. He made his living fixing all things metal, but was also a master craftsman. The children used to like to look in his window to see what he was working on. We read about how he made a beautiful copper grasshopper. Silas made a representation of Faneuil Hall. I thought he did such a beautiful job!

We also read about Peter Faneuil who was a very wealthy man from Boston. He wanted to dedicate a town hall to the city of Boston. We learned about how Samuel Adams as a child used to admire Deacon Drowne's work. He voted that Deacon Drowne's grasshopper be placed on top of Faneuil Hall as a weather vain.

That same grasshopper is still there today!

This is Silas's history notebooking page of the week.

This week we read the d'Aulaire Benjamin Franklin book. I love how this book had a quote from Poor Richard's Almanac on each page. Silas loved hearing the explanation of each one. For instance, "At a working mans house hunger looks in, but dares not enter." I loved how beautifully these books are illustrated.

Silas entered Faneuil Hall and Benjamin Franklin to his timeline.

In science we read about grasshoppers and insects. I love how HOD's science ties in with the history lesson!

We made grasshoppers out of peanut butter, honey and powdered sugar. Aedan even made one! Of course they had to see how their PB grasshopper tasted too!

Silas's science activity sheet for the grasshopper is on the left. In science we also read about how Benjamin Franklin invented the lightening rod. I didn't take a picture of our other activity. We learned that we see lightening before we hear it, and about how light travels faster than sound. We sat in a dark room and Silas flashed a flashlight off an on to represent lightening. I represented thunder and sound a few seconds later with banging on pots and making a lot of noise! I love his picture of me being thunder. Ha!

Our memory verse was 2 Corinthians 9:7. That wraps it up. See you next week!

HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 22 in Review

I am enjoying a week off as I look back on week 22. The weather is warming up, and the sun seems a little brighter. I'm so thankful that spring is appearing on the horizon of a long winter. We're going for a long walk through a nature sanctuary today to get a little warmth in our bones. When I say warm I mean 60 degrees! Hey, I'll take it!

This week we wrapped up our study of Greece and entered our study of Ancient Rome.We started a new read aloud about Cleopatra. I love how our studies are tying all the cultures together and making sense of the timeline.

This week our poem was "In Hardwood Groves." We've really enjoyed our study of Robert Frost's poetry. I love that at the end of the week we learn a little more about him.

Aedan painted an aerial view of a tree. I plan to get a portfolio to store these paintings.

Aedan added entries to his timeline: Ptolemy rules Egypt (and later Syria), Seleucus rules Persia/Syria, and Antigonus rules Macedonia/Greece. I loved the pictures of his kings!

I failed to get a picture of Aedan's copywork box this week. This was his written narration about Rome. It was the first time I had to talk to him about doing his best work. He normally takes a little more time in explaining what he read. I think our brains were all a little mushy and in need of a break.

Aedan drew the Lighthouse of Alexandria with instruction from Draw and Write through History.

Our history project was to make papyrus. We cut strips out of a paper bag, and dipped them in a mixture of water and glue. I think we made our strips a little too skinny, but it worked out.

Aedan drew a map of the 7 Ancient Wonders on his papyrus.

This was the first week I failed to do the science experiment. We were supposed to see if a potato would turn green in we left it in the sun to demonstrate photosynthesis. The other option was to leave a potato out and see if buds formed. I wasn't prepared because I didn't have a potato. Either way this experiment would have taken longer than a week. I'm sure that empty experiment page will taunt me, and I'll do it eventually! I'm off to enjoy the rest of my vacation! See you next week!

Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 21 in Review

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Welcome to our Unit 21 week in review! This week we spent time with the French pioneers of Colonial times. We met a young girl named Marie who traveled by canoe with the French pioneers that were on their way to settle in Detroit.

Our art project this week was to form a canoe out of air dry clay.

Silas mixed flour, water and salt to make the clay. He formed the clay into a canoe.

He added a star detail to his boat and painted it.

We read about the trials of the traveling by canoe. Marie had a beautiful doll of which she took special care. At one point it began to rain, and she made sure to cover her doll.

Silas added French Settle Detroit to his timeline.

We started reading our non-fiction book for storytime. I chose Pagoo. I'm a fan of all of Holling C. Holling's books. Pagoo is about the life span of a hermit crab, and his may adventures in the sea.

My kids have begged me to read more than one chapter of this book a day. That always warms my heart :)

This is Silas's Bible and poetry copywork for the week.

In science we read about different kinds of clouds. Silas loved this activity!

He asked if we could do it again after school.

He made 4 different types of clouds.

This is his lab sheet for the above activity.

We finally began our study of the human body in Elemental Science. I was ready to move past animals. We read about skin and how it protects our bodies. We read about our fingerprints and how they are unique to us. Our activity was to make finger prints. Silas scribble furiously with his pencil to make something to be able to dip his fingers in.

He carefully rolled his fingers in the pencil lead to get a good covering on his fingertips.

We then used clear tape to get the imprints. We just went to a police station field trip a few weeks ago, and did a similar activity. He was able to identify his fingerprint type. See you next week!

HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 21 in Review

I'm a little late on our Week 21 review! This week we began our wrap up on the history of Greece. We spent a lot of time learning about Alexander the Great. Aedan's extension reader about Alexander's life helps flesh out more of what he was like. It's nice being closer to the extension reader age range and being able to incorporate those books in our lessons. I do think they add a lot of depth to our studies.

Our poem this week was "Acceptance" by Robert Frost.

Aedan cut out his copywork like a bird from the stanza he copied.

Aedan's copywork was about how Alexander the Great was not only brave, but studious. I love his interpretation of this passage!

 Aedan's written narration was about Alexander's many conquests.

He added his timeline entries: Athens vs. Sparta (Peloponnesian War), Philip II of Macedon gains control of Greece, and Reign of Alexander the Great. Yes Alexander on the right is using Young Living Valor oil to increase his courage lol!

Aedan copied a passage from Draw and Write through History.

He followed the directions to illustrated Alexander the Great's horse Bucephalus.

I love that we hit this unit at the perfect time during the winter Olympics! Our history project was to have Olympic Game Trials. These are all summer game events, but it was still fun to tie them into what we are watching this week. I made this file to go with our lesson. I plan to add it to my new Monarch Room Facebook group.

We used a cotton ball as a shot put, straws for javelins and paper plates for the discus throw. They kids thought that was pretty funny :)

 Aedan threw his cotton ball shot put with all his might! We marked each one, and then measured.

 Next we did the Broad Jump. I love that the kids always participate in each other's activities.

 Aedan took his turn at the Broad Jump. We watched videos for each event on YouTube.

 Next they did the discus throw! Silas was bummed that his paper plate didn't go farther.

 We did a modified High Jump. We had no soft place to land, but they still had fun.

 Here is our Javelin Toss.

 The last event was the Long Jump. The kids loved running and jumping as far as they could.

Aedan read about how each fruit in the rose family has a seed boxes. 

 Of the fruits listed we only had clementines and apples, but he got the point.

Aedan drew seed box X-Rays :)

 These are the other two science notebooking pages for the week. We have one more week of school, and then I plan to take a week off. Hopefully I'll catch up on my Everyday Oils series as well! Have a great week!

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