Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 21 in Review

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Welcome to our Unit 21 week in review! This week we spent time with the French pioneers of Colonial times. We met a young girl named Marie who traveled by canoe with the French pioneers that were on their way to settle in Detroit.

Our art project this week was to form a canoe out of air dry clay.

Silas mixed flour, water and salt to make the clay. He formed the clay into a canoe.

He added a star detail to his boat and painted it.

We read about the trials of the traveling by canoe. Marie had a beautiful doll of which she took special care. At one point it began to rain, and she made sure to cover her doll.

Silas added French Settle Detroit to his timeline.

We started reading our non-fiction book for storytime. I chose Pagoo. I'm a fan of all of Holling C. Holling's books. Pagoo is about the life span of a hermit crab, and his may adventures in the sea.

My kids have begged me to read more than one chapter of this book a day. That always warms my heart :)

This is Silas's Bible and poetry copywork for the week.

In science we read about different kinds of clouds. Silas loved this activity!

He asked if we could do it again after school.

He made 4 different types of clouds.

This is his lab sheet for the above activity.

We finally began our study of the human body in Elemental Science. I was ready to move past animals. We read about skin and how it protects our bodies. We read about our fingerprints and how they are unique to us. Our activity was to make finger prints. Silas scribble furiously with his pencil to make something to be able to dip his fingers in.

He carefully rolled his fingers in the pencil lead to get a good covering on his fingertips.

We then used clear tape to get the imprints. We just went to a police station field trip a few weeks ago, and did a similar activity. He was able to identify his fingerprint type. See you next week!

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  1. Our first canoe was a total flop :( but we made second one using Crayola Magic modeling clay and it was so much easier to work with.

    We agree that the clouds were a big hit!


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