HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 20 in Review

Sunday, February 2, 2014

We've made it through 20 weeks of school! I was so nervous at the beginning of the year to enter this more challenging guide, but I have seen so much growth. I love the routine of our days. Aedan is really flourishing. He continues to love learning about the Greek culture.

Our poem of the week was "Lodged" by Robert Frost. It's a poem about knowing how a flower feels when it the rain pours on it. I think we've all felt like that at some point.

This was the first week I struggle to get the painting done. We took off Monday because Aedan was sick the night before. Normally Friday is our catch up day. We ended up doing this on Sunday just to get it done. No complaints from my little artist for making him work on a painting on the weekend.

Aedan's copywork was about the buildings such as the Parthenon. Only a LoTR fan could understand his humor on this one :)

Aedan wrote about the plays of Greece. Good actors were treated really well. Bad actors were pelted with raisins. Of course Aedan found a way to make this funny by pelting the actor with California Raisins. So funny!

He added his timeline entries: Battle of Salamis, Pericles rules during the Golden Age of Athens, and Parthenon.

Aedan listened to the What in the World? Audios about Daniels Vision and Athens & Sparta.

He drew the Parthenon from Draw and Write Through History. He had a hard time not being a perfectionist on this one. The directions said evenly spaced columns and he couldn't be easy on himself about it.

Our history project of the week was to make a 3-D Greek column.

We are almost through our geography study of Egypt. Aedan mapped more locations.

In science we learned about all the parts of plants we eat; seeds, fruit, stems, roots and flowers. I really need to go to the grocery store, and didn't have any flowers (broccoli or cauliflower) for us to eat for our science snack.

Aedan grabbed a carrot to munch on.

This is his science lab sheet.

I have never once heard Aedan complain about his science. He always eagerly reads his science books and does his activities.

Aedan illustrated the plants for his assignment. That wraps it up. How was your week?

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