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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Welcome to our week 23 in review! This week we were introduced in our history readings to a young surveyor named George Washington. We already covered American History last year in HOD Bigger Hearts, but it's nice to approach it from a living book perspective. Silas is really enjoying our history readings in Boys and Girls of Colonial Days. We've added the D'aulaire George Washington book to our readings each week to add to what we are already learning.

We read about a colonial girl named Patience. She was responsible for stitching her sampler, but she longed to go and play in the garden. Our art project of the week was to make a garden scene.

This wasn't the most elaborate of projects, but I just love kid art :)

I thought Silas's little happy bee was so cute!

We read about how the British soldiers came and trampled on Patience's herb garden. For science we made a scented herb garden to replicate the garden in our history reading.

Our herbs were somewhat scented, but I had just gotten a few new oils. Silas remembered that I had Oregano and Basil, and wanted to see how they smelled.

He thought this was a really fun little project.

This is his lab sheet for the above project.

Next we read about how the Native Americans were very unhappy that their land was being measured. Some colonists had crude ways of measuring land, and would use landmarks as descriptors. We measured a yard of yarn to measure our living room.

This is the lab sheet for the above activity.

Silas has improved so much in his handwriting ability. I was just talking to a new friend about how handwriting is often such a chore for little boys. I've finally seen Silas turn the corner to where it is far less difficult for him. His hand doesn't tire as easily as it did in K and 1st grade.

This was a great passage to learn for all of us. I often found myself saying it to myself, and had many teaching moments with this one this week. It's so nice that we get to practice God's word each week :) I feel like I missed taking pictures of some things, but you get the idea. See you next week!

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  1. You did good! This was not a good Unit for us and I think we will revisit it before moving on :) -- especially now after our unexpected week off.

    Darling bee!


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