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Monday, March 17, 2014

This is our week in review for Unit 24 in Beyond Little Hearts. I'm a little behind on blog posts, but I'll try to update quickly on what we've been up to. This week our studies focused on a famous general by the name of George Washington and also about Betsy Ross. We learned about the flag, and how it came to be designed in the way that it was designed.

I had the bright idea of getting an idea off of Pinterest for our art project this week. This one may find a place with the hashtag #nailedit! Have you seen those? People with good intentions who attempt Pinterest projects and completely fail. Ha! The art project this week was supposed to be a graham cracker flag with food coloring in the frosting. Um...that doesn't happen around here much, so we went in another direction. I got the idea here on how to do a art print flag. Sounds good right? So we layered our colors, and smoothed them out just like the directions said.

We took a Q-Tip and made an outline of the flag with 13 stars and stripes, and rolled the paper. Wait for it.....waaaaiiit foooor it....

Nailed it! Silas and I laughed and laughed at how it got all smooshed (that's a word in our house, thank you very much.) I'm not sure what we did wrong, but we had fun doing it. I'm tempted to try it again just to get it right. I'm sure this was a case of me not reading the words of the instructions, and only looking at the pictures. Ah well. Ya win some, ya lose some :)

Silas filled out his notebooking page. It was fun learning the story of the flag this week.

Our poetry study was our National Anthem. I always get teary when we sing it. We listened to a different version of the song each day.

We added the beginning date of the Revolutionary War to our timeline.

Our history activity was to practice military commands. Silas had fun with this!

In science we learned about how to tell what foods are made mostly of fat and those that are mostly made of water.

I sacrificed my salt and black pepper chips for this experiment. That is love...just sayin'. We also added a piece of cheese, and some fruit to the other sections.

We taped the sheet of paper up to the window and were to walk away and wait to see what foods sections evaporated.
The chips and cheese's mark still remained, while the fruit water evaporated. These little activities may seem so simple to adults, but I always tell myself that there was a first time I learned everything. It's so fun to experience these things with my little guy.

Silas explains what we did on the above activity on his science notebooking page.

Since we were studying our flag with stars, our science tied in a little activity. We learned why stars are brighter at night than in the day. We flashed a flashlight on the ceiling with the lights on to represent day.

Then we did the same thing with the lights off to show why stars are brighter at night.

This is where my book hoard comes in handy. There's always a book to grab off the shelf.

This book has glow in the dark constellations. We had fun looking at them in the dark together :)

Silas illustrated the above activity in his science notebook.

Silas is still working his way through Barry Stebbing's I Can Do All Things Art. He entered the marker section a few weeks ago. He prefers to draw with pens like his brother, but this has been good for him to learn to follow instructions.

We are working our way through the human body section in Elemental Science. This week we learned about reflexes. Silas stood behind a screen to see if he would blink if his brother threw a cotton ball at him. He blinked every time no matter how hard he tried not to. I also slammed a book on the table unexpectedly, and they jumped! I also showed them how their knee reflex works. So much fun! That's all for now. I'm off to update you on week 25. See you soon!

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