Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 25 in Review

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This week we learned about the part some children played in the Continental Army. We read about a boy named Richard who signed up at the young age of 10 to play the fife for the army. We also read about a brave boy named Levi who fought at Lexington and Bunker Hill. These stories always inspire my boys that they too can have bravery like some of these boys of the past.

Our art project instructed us to make the Armor of God (Ephesians 6) for one of our stuffed friends. Silas thought this was really fun. Our little bear fought off the bad guys while we were away at the house all week.

Silas filled out his history notebooking page.

For geography we found the battle sites of American victories of the Revolutionary War.

Our poem was "A Child's Prayer." It was a fitting prayer since we learned about how big an impact a child can make.

This is one of my very favorite verses, and a great one when we are talking about the military service of those who do indeed lay down their life for us every day.

For science we learned about how our smell affects our taste.

We gathered cinnamon and vanilla.

Silas tasted an apple.

Then he smelled the cinnamon.

Then he tasted the apple again to see if it tasted any differently. He said it did.

Next we tried the same experiment with vanilla and a banana. After we plugged our noses to show that it is very difficult to taste without the use of our nose.

Silas illustrated the above activity.

We also learned about our sense of hearing. We amplified our voice with a cone.

We also saw if we could hear better by holding the cone up to our ear and testing sound with and without it.

Silas completed his science experiment page for the activity above. We also have been studying the human body in Elemental science, so this was a perfect tie in. See you next week!


  1. Love the bear and his armor! I still haven't found my teaching groove again. UGH...we've been doing the 3R's but since we had Little H so sick, we are moving slowly.

  2. No one would blame you for taking it easy. Your bodies are all needing time to catch up. Take it easy. You'll have plenty of days to enjoy once you're well :)


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