Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 27 in Review

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Welcome to our week in review! This week we completed Unit 27. Only 7 units to go. Our studies this week focused on how George Washington toured the south after his inauguration. We read about this from the perspective of a southern girl named Betsy. I love how all our subjects tie together so beautifully. From our history reading, to our art and Bible study. HOD does such a great job of making connections across the board.

We read about how Betsy was going to be a flower girl in the parade for the President. She was over the moon excited to wear a beautiful dress with flowers on it for the special day. She sadly had to miss the festivities because her mother wanted her to stay home and care for her grandmother. She was very disappointed but obeyed her mother.

In art we made a tissue flower because Betsy wanted to wear her floral dress.

While Betsy was home caring for her grandmother, she had a visitor who came to the door while everyone was headed to the parade. She showed great hospitality and kindness to her guest.

She served him cornbread and milk. The kids love when our history projects are one they can eat.

We warmed up some maple syrup to pour over our treat.

Betsy treated her guest with kindness, and as he turned to go she asked his name. He told her that his name was George Washington. Betsy was so surprised! This was way better than seeing the President in a parade! She got even more because she was faithful with the little that she had been given to care for.

We read about how George Washington took great care of Mount Vernon.

Silas filled out his history notebooking page. The book above helped him to see what Mount Vernon looks like.

In geography we made a map of all 5 farms on Mount Vernon. Silas listened as I gave him directions on where to place the farms and river.

We read about how George Washington took great care in taking care of the land and animals on his farms. We made signs to represent the sheep, cows, pigs, horses, and trees. We didn't have all the animals in the lesson, but we improvised :)

Next we cut straw, and fed the horses. We gave the cows water and straw. We poured grain into the pig trough, and took care of the land and trees.

Next we walked all the animals back to their stalls.

Silas wrote about our activity on his notebooking page.

We also read how George Washington used what he had to meet the needs of the poor. He saved corn, so that he could give it to the needy. He also set up fishing stations, so the poor could fish for free on one of his best docks. We drew a picture of an Atlantic Herring to represent the kind of fish that might have been caught.

Even Silas's big brother wanted to to draw one. Often Aedan will sit in on our readings, and will sometimes take part in our activities.

Silas wrote what we learned about fish on his notebook page.

We both enjoyed the poem of the week. It reminded us to enjoy the coming spring!

Our scripture memory was Luke 16:10.

Silas is in the marker section of I Can Do All Things Art. He enjoys this simple drawing exercises.

We completed level 3 in All About Spelling! We did level 1 and 2 in Kindergarten, and never got around to getting much of it done last year because we moved 3 times. We did about a lesson a week. I may hold off on starting level 4 until next year. We already own it, but I think it might be nice to just do HOD dictation for a while. That wraps it up! On to Aedan's post for this week. Hope you're enjoying the warming weather wherever you are :)

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