HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 25 in Review

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Welcome to our Unit 25 in review! I can't believe how quickly this year is coming to and end. I've seen so much growth. I worried so much that this year wouldn't be as fun as last year, but Aedan has so enjoyed learning about this period of history. This week we learned more about Hannibal and his intent to destroy Rome.

Our poem this week was Robert Frost's "The Door in the Dark."

Our art instructions were to paint a night sky illuminated with stars and the moon.

He added his timeline entries: Scipio Africanus marches on Carthage, Scipio Defeats Hannibal at Zama, and Third Punic War.

Aedan wrote about training of ancient soldiers for his copywork.

He chose to write about how crowded Rome got for his written narration.

He then copied a passage out of Draw and Write Through History.

Aedan traced Hannibal's route in his history notebook.

Our history project was to make a catapult. I found this one on Pinterest. We used wooden skewers, marshmallows, a plastic spoon, a rubber band and tape.

This was the finished result.

It took a few tries, but he got the hang of it.

Even Silas wanted to try to make one. They had a marshmallow war!

For science we were supposed to find products with Aloe Vera in them. We tried to find one, but there wasn't one in the house. We are a little crunchy here, and use a lot of natural remedies. I may use an aloe vera plant if I had one I suppose. Instead we talked about our remedies for sickness. 

In the teacher guide it had home remedies for sore throats, hoarse throat, stuffy nose, cuts and scrapes, headaches and dry lips. I showed Aedan what we do for all of these. For sore throats we use thieves, lemon and honey. For tummy aches we use Peppermint and DiGize essential oils. I will write about all of these in future posts.

I got to try out oils on allergies this week for the first time. For itchy eyes I swabbed diluted lavender around my eyes, and I was good as new. I also took a capsule of these three.

For congestion and stuffy noses, I use the oils on the left. For headaches, bumps and sore muscles the oils on the right.

This is our bruise medley :)

These are my big guns for cold and flu. I don't know how I lived without these before. I still haven't gotten sick since I've gotten them...just sayin'.

Ok, so I may have brainwashed someone. Hopefully he won't be quite so dogmatic when he's an adult. He does read magazines, and often sees the warning labels on pharmaceuticals. He has come to a few of his own conclusions about those.

These are the are Aedan's science notebooking pages for the week. That wraps it up. See you soon!


  1. So cool that you incorporated the oils into your lessons!

  2. It was a perfect substitute 😉


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