HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 26 in Review

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Welcome to our Unit 26 week in review! As I said in Silas's post, we are rounding the final bend of our school year. I am so thrilled with how this school year has gone. While we have separated the kids into their own separate programs, you can see how many things they are still able to learn together. Both boys always take part in each other's activities. Aedan especially doesn't want to miss out on his little brother's experiments or read-alouds. I've been reading A Bear Called Paddington to Silas for his Beyond read aloud, but Aedan won't let me do it without him. While he's getting older he still has such an innocent heart. I'm so proud of all the ways he's matured. Bringing him home from school was the best thing I could have done. He is beginning to be a leader at church in ways that show he is growing. So proud of this growing young man.

This is an off week for our watercolor projects. Instead we had a Roman Feast. I told the kids to go upstairs and put on their robes. Aedan and I worked together on planning our feast. The were so excited to come downstairs and see all of this waiting for them.

When Aedan was in school he ate a LOT of PB&J sandwiches. His first comment was, "This is so much better than the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I used to have for lunch in school!" Sometimes I'm tempted to skip activities like this, but every time we make the effort I find it was so worth it. These shared experiences are the ice cream of our school days.

Our little Roman Spread. I wish I had bought some grape juice to go with it all.

Aedan made a beautiful menu to accompany our meal.

We couldn't decide which desert to try, so we made both! The recipes in the guide were for Roman Custard and Roman Cheesecake.

While these were fun to make, I have to say they were not good. At all. Ha! I am a lover of cooking and baking, so maybe other people would find these are good. The cheesecakes were more like a really dense bread. These were better than the Roman Custard.

The Roman Custard. Sigh. Ha! I'm known around here for my Creme Brulee (which sounds fancy and hard to make, but it's so simple!) I should have known from reading the recipe that this wouldn't turn out, but I wanted to give it a chance. It said to cook at 300 for 25-35 minutes. It should have set in the middle by 35, but by 45-55 it wasn't done. This recipe was like a really, really bad flan. The kids thought this was baaaad ha! Skip it. Trust me. You could find a simple custard recipe in any cookbook.

Aedan added Rome Conquers Corinth and Greece, Rome conquers Spain, and Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus are tribunes in Rome.

Aedan's copywork was about how Romans enjoyed luxury. Sorry for the bad photo.

Aedan was supposed to write about how Rome Conquered the World, but Destroyed Herself. I think this was over his head. We did discuss the reasons why Rome eventually fell, but I gave him a break and asked him what he remembered or would like to write about. Of course because he's a boy he decided to write about how the Romans liked to bathe together. One of the guys in the picture is saying "In 2500 years this will be really awkward." This kid. I love how he censored their bodies!

Aedan drew a picture of a Roman chariot out of Draw and Write Through History.

I always keep an eye out at Half Price books for things that would be fun to add to our studies each year. I found this fold out history of Rome on the clearance shelf.

We opened it up for the first time, and it was way cooler than I expected. It had a fold out scene of the Gladiators at the Colosseum.
It had a scene of Roman entertainers.

There was a Roman Chariot, and other scenes from Roman life. Both boys had fun having their Star Wars and Mario guys interact with the people in these scenes! When their dad came home they opened it up to show him too.

In Exploring the History of Medicine we learned about ancient medicine and the practice of blood letting to cure people of diseases. Our science activity was to learn about what our body's natural response to getting a cut and bleeding. We made plasma by adding yellow food coloring, and salt and sugar to represent the sugar, salt and hormones our body needs. We also mixed red food coloring with vegetable oil to represent the other half of our blood that is made of white and red blood cells.

The kids thought this was all super awesome!

Next we mixed the plasma and white and red blood mixture.

It is so fun to see how kids have so much wonder about the world we live in.

Next we added pieces of cotton to our blood mixture to represent platelets. We poured the mixture through a funnel. The open in the funnel represented what happens when we get a cut.

The experiment showed how our blood is supposed to clot when we receive an open wound to stop the bleeding. The blood did eventually stop flowing and was blocked by the cotton platelets. As boys will be boys they thought this was all really gross and amazing. They were pretending it was like picking a scab. Sigh. #Boymom.

This was a picture from a bird's eye view. How's that for some messy fun!? See you all next week!

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  1. AAAAAAAMAZING learning moments! Love the meal and menu.


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