HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 27 in Review

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Welcome to our Unit 27 week in review! This week our studies focused on Julius Caesar. Aedan continues to have a lot of really interesting views on Ancient Rome. He cracks me up with his perspectives sometimes. We wrapped up our reading in Streams of History: Ancient Rome. For the final 8 weeks of school we will read the book of John and Acts as our history readings.

Aedan learned what Roman soldiers wore. For our history project we cut out a paper Roman soldier with his gear. He sketched a background for his Roman soldier.

Our history notebook pages had an explanation for each piece of gear.

The directions on our history project was to draw our own soldier. I found this one on the CtC Facebook group in the files section instead.

We glued each piece of armor on the soldier, and placed him on our landscape.

Aedan added his timeline entries: Civil War in Rome, Spartacus leads slave revolt, and Julius Caesar is slain. Aedan usually draws his own timeline entries. If you see up top he wrote, "See how boring it is if I draw what they tell me to?" Maybe he'll be back to his own work next week. This kid!

Aedan's copywork was about Julius Caesar.

Aedan's narration was about the fall of the Roman Empire.

Aedan added things he learned about Saudi Arabia in geography to his travel log.

This was another off week from our watercolor projects. He had two weeks to memorize a poem. He chose "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening." He memorized this very quickly. He never could understand why the last line is repeated, and thought this was very funny. He would recite it and say the last line 5 times and then say, "Error, error, error, error" like he was a broken record. I just sigh heavily and move on. Boys....

Aedan has been reading through Exploring the History of Medicine for science. This week his science experiment was to learn about how quickly bacteria multiply.

We took 8 ramekins. In the first one we added one bacteria, the next 2, the next 4, the next 8 and so on until the final one was almost full. Silas jumped in on this one and loved showing off his math skills :)

Here is Aedan's illustration for the above activity. Crazy kid :) See you next week!

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