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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Look what we got! We've been getting a trickle of boxes in for the past month. I didn't get a picture of Aedan's box day. Silas was a little bummed when he saw Aedan's big box arrive, and there were few of his books in the box. I had purchased some of Aedan's materials last year, and bought the rest of it this year. We got a big box from Rainbow Resource, but had yet to receive Silas's main books.

This year we will be taking a year off of Heart of Dakota. It will be hard to walk away from our very loved HOD, but I am excited about our little detour into My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures.

I went back and forth on what to use for the coming year. As you know I moved Silas back a year in HOD because I didn't feel he was yet ready for Preparing. I plan to hold off one more year. There is a ton of writing in Preparing, and this little guy could use another year of fun. As I began to look through this program, I started to see how it worked and how much fun and learning we will get to do. I think it will be the perfect guide to go through before we enter world history in Preparing. I love the heart of MFW ECC. We will be exploring the world with a heart of prayer for the people of God's world. I love that this will open up my kid's view of how people live in different parts of the world. Aedan always sits in on storytime, so I'm looking forward to reading the missionary biographies with them both.

At first I thought the guide looked light, but then I decided to check out a week or two of the book basket books. I love that we get to check out a ton of books each week to augment our studies. I have a great library system, and many of the books are available. Hopefully they will be by next fall when everyone starts school. I did buy a few of them to have on hand, but I will mostly rely on the library. We took our trip to the library to pick up and preview the book basket books for the first few weeks. My husband went with me and was horrified at how many books I had checked out. Whatchoo lookin' at librarian?! Wanna piece of me? You don't like that you have to check out a Leaning Tower of Pisa stack of books? Ha! Just kidding people. I'm actually really nice to my librarians. I mostly frequent the self-check out at the library because I do have a (little) book problem. I can stop at anytime. Really. I'm not ashamed of my book hoarder tendencies. We tend to have at least 50+ library books checked out at any given moment. Don't judge.

 Silas was so excited to get a box all his own!

He dug right in to see what books he would be reading this year.

I only bought the basic set from MFW because I had already located all of the Deluxe items for a good price.

 Here they are...all shiny and new!

A closer look :)

 Is there anyone else out there who loves a shiny new guide? I know it's book vanity, but I have to look at this bad boy all.year.long. I hate it when I get something used that is described as "like new" only to get it in the mail with grub on it and underlining. I should really get a life right? I used to buy only used, but I love being able to resell my books in good condition. I find that I always get a really fair price. I normally buy a mix of used and new, but I really wanted the new guide for this. They had updated it to include a new atlas that I really wanted.

 A new addition to the MFW ECC set was the currency set. When you start a new country unit you pretend to travel to a new country. You get your passport stamped and you exchange your money for the new country's currency. In the old guide it said to make your own. I really doubt I would have done it. Well actually, I might have obsessed about it. This was so much easier!

This really was a labor of love. I didn't get a completed picture of all the money and coins I cut out for each country. It took me several hours. Yes...hours. This will be a fun activity though, so hopefully my efforts were worth it.

This is the new atlas. I really like this new one. I had the old one, but sold it. This one is written from a Christian perspective, and covers all the countries we will study. I look forward to sharing our full curriculum for next year. For now I'm just swimming in piles of books and trying to put together in my head how our days will work. I won't start working on our schedule until the summer. I will share both boy's curriculum choices then, and how I organize each guide just like I have always done. MFW will be a totally new thing for me, so I will have to come up with some new systems. Hopefully they will help some of you. Thanks for stopping by and seeing what we've been up to!


  1. Ha! I love your re-telling of your library expedition(s)... I am the SAME way : ) I only intend to go for a few and yes, come how with an armful and knowing I always do this, I have yet to bring a bag with me to help with the load. Good thing hubby was there ; ) Not sure what we will do next year, but I look forward to reading along your journey!

  2. Kristina :) Glad to know I'm not the only one. Maybe we should make a secret book hoarder handshake ha! I am so curious to see what you will choose next year. I've loved watching your year go by right along side mine in Beyond. Choices choices!

  3. Oh, how wonderful! The books are all so shiny and new and wonderful!

    I love seeing the guide. I did a loose version of ECC on my own - the guide was more than I could afford at the time, so I looked through a friends guide, decided I could follow the format without the guide, bought all the books and used them. We had a wonderful time, but after seeing everyone use the guide, I wished we would have made a few more sacrifices to get the guide. Next time for sure!

    We had a good experience using the books in this core, though! I pray you are blessed in your travels!

  4. We must be on the same curriculum wave length :) I am really looking forward to doing this guide, and it's good to know you enjoyed to books. It will be fun to see your chronicles when you get around to doing it again!

  5. We are sooo looking forward to our travels alongside you next year! I am really getting excited and have made nearly all of our purchases and now need to put this all together. It will be my 3rd round and I am hoping to really have FUN!!!

  6. And I am sooo looking forward to doing it alongside you! I just went to my local homeschool convention today. MFW was there, and I couldn't resist buying their new Language Lessons for Today. It reminded me a lot of Queen LA which made me think of you. I love having picture study in color. I'm still enjoying this year, but I really look forward to all we we learn next year.

  7. You weren't kidding! I am in the process of cutting out our currency and it is taking HOURS. I have been doing it over a period of a couple days when I have time here and there between children needing me so hopefully this is worth it. It looks cute though! ;)

  8. Thanks for the review and photos. I am considering this program for next year. I will have a kindergartner, second grader, and fourth grader (and a new baby!).

    We are the same way about checking out books from the library. Our library allows 150 checkouts per card, and I regularly have to make use of more than one card because my main card is maxed out! (I have my personal card, my educator card--which is what I mostly use, since it allows 6-week checkouts), and my husband's card! I haven't been brave enough yet to allow my kids to sign up for their own cards, because I can't imagine keeping track of all the books on that many cards!

  9. We currently have over a hundred! Shameless :) I made wish lists for each country before school started, so I could easily check each unit's books out. It has been a LOT of books.

  10. Now that it's a new year, what did you think of it? Are you going to use it again? If not, are you going to sell it? Wink Wink ;) I'm looking for this used so I can get a bit of a break on price. LOL

    1. We ended up really loving ECC <3 It took me a while to figure out how MFW works, but after I did my son said it was his favorite school year. Unfortunately, I sold it back in May as soon as we were done with it. Hope you can find a good used price :)

  11. Thanks for the review! I can't wait to try it!!


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