Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 29 in Review

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Oh my word. I'm so behind on posts! I'm three weeks behind, and am attempting to do 6 posts. This post is our Unit 29 Beyond week in Review. This week we followed the Pioneers as they moved further west. We read about the O'Neil family and how the many forms of transportation they used to reach their destination.

We read about how students in Pioneer schools learned. We read about how instead of paper books they used horn books to practice their letters and numbers. We used a sheet protector to cover the writing, and Silas was able to write over them with a dry erase marker and erase them.

This was Silas's history notebooking page of the week.

We read about how Mrs. O'Neil grew up in Boston, MA.

After she married she moved to Connecticut.

After that the family moved to New York by stagecoach.

They then moved to Pennsylvania and traveled by oxcart.

Next they traveled down the Ohio River to reach their final destination.

They ended up in Indiana.

The O'Neils traveled on a flatboat down the Ohio River by night. For science we were supposed to take bites out of a circular food to make the phases of the moon. I've seen this activity on Pinterest, but it was trickier than I thought. It took me forever to get 8 cookies with the cream still in tact.

Silas thought this was a mighty tasty science experiment!

This was Silas's science notebooking page for the above activity. I somehow failed to get a picture of our other science activity. Ahh well. Can't win em' all!

Our poem was "The Planting of the Apple Tree." We read about how a man named Johnny Appleseed gave the children apple seeds to plant. I wish I had gotten a picture book of this famous fellow. That wraps it up!

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